Special thanks (and special offers) for you all

We on MakeTank don’t have flash sales, but today we’re proposing some items of our catalog at even more interesting prices, to thank those who believed in our project. Objects which aren’t made in the series, but innovative and original creations waiting just for you. Here are some examples you can find in our Special Offers section, open until July 31st, and that you should absolutely not let go! Summer has […]


Four special offers to buy our independent design

We believe that when you buy on MakeTank you’ll contribute to support independent designers, and you’ll receive back items with a history, made just for you by a single maker using innovative technologies. That’s why it’s worth spending a little more to take home an exclusive item. Sometimes, however, our Designers decide to sell some of their products at a special price: it’ something that doesn’t happen so often, so […]