Lumipocket: the Italian way to stereolitography

Davide and Manuela, the minds behind Lumipocket and Lumifold, tell us how stereolitography can become a 3D printing technology for any Maker


Marble-Eco Design lets you 3D print with marble

Innovation in 3D printing often means creating new materials to turn into filaments, fuse, sold, extrude and so on… but what about an old “classic” (in many ways) like marble? Making marble suitable for 3D printing is exactly the goal of Marble-Eco Design, a new italian project led by a team of four: Michela Ruggiero, Emiliano Antonucci, Carlo Ruggiero and Daniele Iori. More than a goal, actually, because at the […]


Wall-E(motion), a different kind of smart fabrics

What you get mixing electronic and fabrics together? What comes immediately to mind it’s wearable computing, “smart” clothes interacting with who’s wearing them and the surrounding environment. But “smart fabrics” term doesn’t inevitably means wearable computing: textiles are everywhere in our homes and their (literal) flexibility lets us imagine many other applications. Like, for example, a multimedia wall. Enters Wall-E(motion), created by danish studio Diffus Design but with a strong […]