Viper, the Italian Python for Arduino

A team of developers coming from Fablab Pisa created Viper, a platform to program open hardware boards using Python scripts. Now they’re on Kickstarter.


F-Electric: a conductive filament for 3D printing

If soldering is not your thing, there’s a new filament to directly 3D-print circuits and other conductive components


Customized business gifts can make you stand out

Business gifts are always the same, something you’ve seen a thousand times. Get out of this boring trend thanks to Makers’ creativity and customization.


Back to school, not back to routine

Holidays are over and September is a bit like a new year starting: kids go back to school, the old routine is waiting for you just around the corner of the office. Some (boring) things can’t be avoided, but why not giving a touch of color and new life to your office or school desk, and to these September days in general? We have some ideas to suggest you, of […]


A whole summer to have fun together

It’s holiday time at last: now parents have more time to have fun, play, create and discover together with their kids. On MakeTank we have a lot of objects for that. For your kids, here is our eco-friendly highchair Girandolo: it can be used when he/she’s still a toddler but also when he/she grows up, as a rocking chair or a little desk to draw and work upon. And we […]


Techno-design for new medical devices: Leah Heiss

Medical devices get more and more evolved and wearable, why can’t they be also nice to look at? The Australian designer proves that it can be done.


Drones are taking off, work on your Arduino boards

First commercial drones flights over land have been approved in USA: it’s a step towards a huge market for open hardware applications


Smartwatches are already open, thanks to OSWatch

Smartwatches are trendy. It seems that everybody wants his/her watch to talk with an iPhone or an Android smartphone to tell us when there’s a new e-mail or a new Facebook post. And there’s more: a nice smartwatch should also connect with other fitness gadget to monitor our health and sport activities. Your geek friends will tell you that everything started with the Pebble, but now many big consumer electronics […]


Get ready for tomorrow, it's Arduino Day

Tomorrow, March 29th, it’s the Arduino Day: ten years ago was born what it has then become the most important and widespread open hardware platform, this date is going to be celebrated with a collection of worldwide events that will involve many Arduino communities spread all over the planet. For the last weeks these communities (user groups, hackerspaces, fablabs, schools, and so on) have been proposing their own events for […]


Poppy: a fully functional robot can be open source

Inria Bordeaux and Ensta ParisTech are developing a very interesting robot called Poppy. It was born as a research project on biped locomotion and interaction between robots and us humans, then it became something much more complex: a fully funtional humanoid robot, completely hackable because its components (source code and hardware design) are available under open source licenses (GPL for software and Creative Commons for hardware). Poppy is 80 cm […]