Disomologart Lab: objects with a soul

Umberto Antonelli creates his objects with recycled materials whose soul is, in this way, recovered


Selective Inhibition Sintering: low-cost metal 3D printing

University of Southern California developed a new approach to print metal powder without laser systems or binding chemicals


Microstudio, communication through creativity

Microstudio is an architectural and design studio formed by three architects (Fabrizio Susi, Claudio Pierfederici and Stefania Rendine) who are, as it seems, oriented more towards design than architecture. Fabrizio was a finalist in many design contests (Present Time design contest 2011, YEP!2011 and Design For Life, among others) and Claudio too (in 2012 for Design – Metal Furniture by Youtool). Of course we met Microstudio for its digital fabrication […]