Positivo | Negativo: opposites that live inside ourselves

Our essence is made by coexisting opposites, Francesca Testa explores this difficult harmony with her line of laser-cut jewels


Waves of Summer on MakeTank

For the summer season, nothing can make you feel as good as enjoying the seaside. Here are some perfect summer jewelry and home décor options that can make you feel that much closer to the waves, breeze, and sunshine by the sea!


Nicolò Gerin: when design wants to move you

You can have a “romantic” idea of design objects’ role and put it into practice, starting from a simple vase


Disomologart Lab: objects with a soul

Umberto Antonelli creates his objects with recycled materials whose soul is, in this way, recovered


Camilla Fucili and her "little house sculptures"

There’s a story inside the objects Camilla creates: it’s about how their users “live” them


Sabrina Fossi: design as the essence of everyday things

Today we talk with one of the most promising Florentine designers: Sabrina Fossi. Grown near the Duomo, in Florence, she managed to show her design style all over the world. Thanks also to the local craftsmanship experience, she was able to blend simplicity with elegance, but also with functionality. De-structuring and testing new dimensions, she could go back to the true essence of everyday objects, shaping it with her fresh […]


Pecoramello: design as a language for nature

Have you ever thought that a typical kind of patisserie could become an object of design? This is exactly one of the projects by Pecoramello Architetti, whose conceptual idea is inspired by objects that recall territories, traditions and emotions. Design becomes a tool used to communicate the relationship between man and nature, in a green way. The Pecoramello Group was born in Naples in 2001 from a collaboration between Anna […]


The real Makers' tour of Rome

Maker Faire Rome is back: this year it will take place in the wonderful Auditorium Parco della Musica designed by Renzo Piano, which will host both the exhibitors and a dense program of light talks and workshops. We’ll be there too, of course, with our booth (Montessori area, Zone F) and a light talk (Sunday 5th, 5.30pm, room WS14) to explain how you can sell and promote yourself online. Rome […]


Ilaria Gelosa and mymoodmydesign

The designer behind mymoodmydesign brand is Ilaria Gelosa, an independent creative who studied first in Milano, for her Industrial Design degree at Politecnico in 2003, and then in Torino, for a Master at IED in 2005. In her following job experiences she also touched different “worlds”, switching from product to nautical design, from graphic design to fairs and exhibitions outfitting. Some of her projects have been showcased at Fuorisalone Milano […]


DSquadro: when modularity becomes sustainable

“Poor” materials make us focus on pure form and function: add modularity and you’ll get DSquadro philosophy of letting users create and re-create their objects in a sustainable way