Trotec at the Operae Indipendent Design Festival

For the second consecutive year Trotec, the worldwide manufacturer of laser machines for cutting and engraving, is going to join Operae Independent Design Festival, the fair about design that offers the opportunity to discover new products and emerging phenomena of the design world. The fair will take place in Turin from 6 to 8 November 2015 in the beautiful setting of Palazzo Cavour, and provides a rich program of meetings […]


Positivo | Negativo: opposites that live inside ourselves

Our essence is made by coexisting opposites, Francesca Testa explores this difficult harmony with her line of laser-cut jewels


Waves of Summer on MakeTank

For the summer season, nothing can make you feel as good as enjoying the seaside. Here are some perfect summer jewelry and home décor options that can make you feel that much closer to the waves, breeze, and sunshine by the sea!


Bracelets and Bicycles

Today’s feature items will make your head spin with excitement as if it were the wheels of a bike racing in the Tour de France! Here are some of the best bracelets that will make for very fashionable accessories since they cannot actually be used as wheels!


DesignWinMake goes Metal

Unleash your imagination for our product design contest: this year, we’re looking for original and appealing laser-cut objects


Planisfera laser-cut wood lamp wins MakeMore

Koal Design’s foldable lamp reached its goal and will be officially introduced by Veneta Cucine for its new collection


Practicality is the name of the game…

Are you looking for unique decorations and pieces that are both pleasing to the eye, as well as practical for your everyday activities? MakeTank has plenty of choices for all of your organizational and daily needs.


Customized business gifts can make you stand out

Business gifts are always the same, something you’ve seen a thousand times. Get out of this boring trend thanks to Makers’ creativity and customization.


Stampomatica, one year later

Tecnificio and Lino’sType launched their “letterpress 2.0” project at Maker Faire Rome 2013: since then, it’s been a very busy and satisfying year for Stampomatica


Back to school, not back to routine

Holidays are over and September is a bit like a new year starting: kids go back to school, the old routine is waiting for you just around the corner of the office. Some (boring) things can’t be avoided, but why not giving a touch of color and new life to your office or school desk, and to these September days in general? We have some ideas to suggest you, of […]