Positivo | Negativo: opposites that live inside ourselves

Our essence is made by coexisting opposites, Francesca Testa explores this difficult harmony with her line of laser-cut jewels


The MakeTank Mix Tape: Beauties and the Beatles

Inspired by the Beatles, their songs and their everlasting impact on the world of music, this mix tape includes a selection of “tracks” that relate to some of your favorite songs from their albums


Green and yellow for the World Cup and for MakeTank

The World Cup may be far from home but MakeTank products don’t have to be. With the World Cup under way in the host country of Brazil, what better way to celebrate a rich and cultured event than with your own Brazil-themed green-and-yellow products from MakeTank. Go for the goal and score a major win with any of our festive World Cup inspired gifts. With electrifying yellow and bold green, […]


Federica Sala: living jewels are fragile

Who knows, maybe Martin Gore and Dave Gahan should come to Florence, meet Federica Sala and have a chat about where they all take inspiration from. If you like Depeche Mode (we do) and like what’s behind Federica’s works (we do this too) it’s impossibile not to make a connection. When Federica says that “a jewel is a relationship with the body, the body is fragile, I want fragile jewels. […]