Nicolò Gerin: when design wants to move you

You can have a “romantic” idea of design objects’ role and put it into practice, starting from a simple vase


Caterina Chimenti and Francesco Zorzi on Christmas, travels and creativity

While our contest on what makes your Christmas special is going on, to get more deeply in its spirit we asked our judges Caterina Chimenti and Francesco Zorzi to give us some thoughts on Christmas, as they see it from their professional point of view. Caterina Chimenti is a blogger and creative with a passion for travel and new technologies: she discovered the Web in 2001 and since then works on online […]


3D Hubs: 3D printing is more fun if we do it local

Even the biggest fan of 3D printers will admit that they still aren’t so easy and inexpensive to have a place in every home. But technologies are evolving – and prices getting lower – so fast that your nearest 3D printer could be, if not on your desktop, just a few blocks away: in the house of someone who is an early adopter or simply thinks that current 3D printers […]



How creative are Italian cities? We asked Charles Landry

Creativity is at the heart of the Maker movement. If Italy wants to become a leader in this field, Italians need to freely exercise their creativity. Charles Landry is the founder of an urban policy think-tank and a guru when it comes to urban creativity and revitalization. We met up with him at Florens 2012 to ask him how, in his opinion, Italian cities measure up. Landry has invented the […]