Make every product a gift with package design

There’s something about receiving a specially packaged gift that warms the heart… even if it’s something you’ve bought for yourself! If you’re selling on MakeTank, or anywhere online, developing special packaging will turn every product you ship into a gift, making for highly satisfied customers. We asked MakeTank vendors to send us examples of their gift packaging to inspire you. Bussola Creazioni combines simple paper or transparent bags with attractive […]


Show off what you do with How.Do

Have you ever watched a “how to” video on YouTube, just to have to pause and back up a number of times to see the step you need to replicate? How.Do, a Berlin-based start-up, solves that problem with a simple mobile app that allows you to create and share embeddable instructionals and DIY inspiration. You can create tutorials, inspirational guides or give potential buyers a behind-the-scenes peek at the making […]