The real Makers' tour of Rome

Maker Faire Rome is back: this year it will take place in the wonderful Auditorium Parco della Musica designed by Renzo Piano, which will host both the exhibitors and a dense program of light talks and workshops. We’ll be there too, of course, with our booth (Montessori area, Zone F) and a light talk (Sunday 5th, 5.30pm, room WS14) to explain how you can sell and promote yourself online. Rome […]


Fab Lab Sevilla: an intern's story

A few months ago I received great news that changed my professional life. I won a Leonardo da Vinci sponsorship for a three month internship in Seville. Happy, and a bit nervous, I immediately researched career opportunities in line with my profile that this city could offer. I have a degree in Urban Planning, I have a master’s degree in Digital Architecture and a special interest in digital fabrication. Thus, I found […]


Enrico Bassi: an open (hardware) mind for DesignWinMake

Talking with Enrico Bassi is the best way to understand how traditional technologies and Digital Fabrication can have a bright future together. In his role as coordinator of FabLab Torino (as you can read here), Enrico does a lot to help the diffusion of open hardware culture in Italian cities. Enrico is one of the five members of the jury in our DesignWinMake contest and we managed to nail him down for an […]


Massimo Menichinelli Opens FabLab at Trent’s New Museum of Science

“This is probably one of the first examples of a FabLab in a museum” said FabLab guru Massimo Menichinelli at the inauguration of Trento’s new Museum of Science, MUSE, in our exclusive interview. Menichinelli hopes that the newest FabLab in Italy will “be a good example for institutions for what they can achieve by supporting local communities.” There was a 24 hour party starting on July 27 at 6pm for […]


FabLab survey: does collaboration make for happy fabbers?

Rebecca Pera and Giampaolo Viglia, two international university researchers, are studying the dynamics of innovation, in particular with interest in the communities in which individuals work in collaboration with one other and contribute to the social and cultural capital of the community. They want to understand the motivations and the values that characterize this community. That’s why they are asking the community of Fabbers around the world to participate in […]


Berlin is in Beta

“There are no rules in Berlin,” says Pedro Pineda, co-founder of MakerLab, with Jay Cousins  and Christopher Doering of Open Design City, the fablab at Berlin’s biggest coworking, Betahaus. “Not just here at Betahaus but anywhere, people have an idea, they try it out, and if it doesn’t work they try again.” Maybe this is the key to Berlin’s current status as a hub of creativity and startups, a role that […]