Dayuma Home Design: International self-produced design made in Italy

When wood is home we are takling about the creation of Dayuma


A Yellow Outfit Just For You!

Studies in positive psychology and embodied psychology have shown that the way you dress can have a drastic effect on how you feel. The concept can be summed up in the phrase “look good, feel good!” Today, here is an outfit that will take your attire to the next level and hopefully give you the confidence, energy, and enthusiasm to take the day by storm!


Bracelets and Bicycles

Today’s feature items will make your head spin with excitement as if it were the wheels of a bike racing in the Tour de France! Here are some of the best bracelets that will make for very fashionable accessories since they cannot actually be used as wheels!


Nicolò Gerin: when design wants to move you

You can have a “romantic” idea of design objects’ role and put it into practice, starting from a simple vase


Sabrina Fossi: design as the essence of everyday things

Today we talk with one of the most promising Florentine designers: Sabrina Fossi. Grown near the Duomo, in Florence, she managed to show her design style all over the world. Thanks also to the local craftsmanship experience, she was able to blend simplicity with elegance, but also with functionality. De-structuring and testing new dimensions, she could go back to the true essence of everyday objects, shaping it with her fresh […]


Techno-design for new medical devices: Leah Heiss

Medical devices get more and more evolved and wearable, why can’t they be also nice to look at? The Australian designer proves that it can be done.


Studio MP: a story of ergonomic design

Italian Makers are a link between past and future of Made in Italy (and of many other things which have something to do with craftsmanship and innovation). Valerio Monticelli and Andrea Bruni of Studio MP are on the forefront of this movement: they studied design, have a creative DNA and put a great passion into all their projects, always looking beyond any limit. What’s your story as Makers? What does […]


Get ready for MakeMore: an interview with Daniela Archiutti

Do you need hints for our MakeMore contest? We talked about design and materials with Daniela Archiutti, Art DIrector of Veneta Cucine.


MakeTank and Source 2014: new opportunities for designers

Source is an exhibition/event whose main element is a free exhibition of 40 designers who also are (or want to become) self-producers. Collateral to the exhibition, different activities have been developed to foster a debate on self-production through workshops, seminars, conferences and lectio magistralis. During the eight days of Source, visitors will be surrounded by many aspects of design in a place, the Limonaia in Villa Strozzi, surely fascinating. In […]


This Easter get design as your surprise

That’s right, Easter is here! While you’re painting eggs and baking sweet goods for all your company to enjoy, we here at MakeTank are making sure you are ready for a season filled with color, love and the sunny spirit that makes Easter so special. With the help of our designers and their creations, of course. Atelier Macramè –  Luigina: A traditional item of beauty and a raw display of […]