Caterina Chimenti and Francesco Zorzi on Christmas, travels and creativity

While our contest on what makes your Christmas special is going on, to get more deeply in its spirit we asked our judges Caterina Chimenti and Francesco Zorzi to give us some thoughts on Christmas, as they see it from their professional point of view. Caterina Chimenti is a blogger and creative with a passion for travel and new technologies: she discovered the Web in 2001 and since then works on online […]


Win a gift to make your Christmas really special

MakeTank – Digitally Crafted Design, the European Makers’ marketplace, wants to know what makes your Christmas special. Tell us in just a sentence and enter a contest to win an original Christmas decoration offered by two MakeTank vendors. To send your sentence you have to login to MakeTank using this link (if you are still not registered, it’s the right time to do it – it’s free!). To help you […]


Maxus and Metalworks let the Makers play with Fiat 500

What does an advertising agency like Maxus have to do with the Makers world, represented by Metalworks? I wondered when, after the Maker Faire Rome, I got an email from Tom and Nico about a contest for european Makers – the Innovation Prize Euro 2013 – related to design and innovation and promoted by Metalworks (whose full name is Metalworks by Maxus). I immediately contacted Federico de Nardis, president of […]


Art, kitchen, design: a winning combination for Elisa Radice

Last September one of our Makers, Elisa Radice, won the MiBAC Special Prize of the DAB (Design for Artshop and Bookshop) contest, with her City Stencil project: a collection of round stencils customized with iconic images of different Italian art cities. Elisa’s project was selected because it can evoke the symbols of the most famous Italian art cities using a system which is easy to implement, replicable at low cost […]


Barbara Rita Barricelli: a "Girl Geek" on the jury of DesignWinMake contest

We wanted a woman on the jury of the DesignWinMake contest dedicated to Open Hardware, and we found a great one… An international, super social geek: Barbara Rita Barricelli. Living between Milan and London, she is a researcher in computer science in the position of Leverhulme Trust Visiting Fellow at the University of West London and is an active part of the Sociotechnical Centre for Internationalisation and User Experience (SCIUX) […]


Meet the DWM jury: Daniele d'Arrigo

After the success of the first edition of DesignWinMake contest organized by MakeTank and Arredativo, we’re into the second edition on a different topic altogether: the challenge is to hack an object with open hardware. We recommended using an extant object rather than designing a new one because we want to open up the possibility to people who don’t have specific product design abilities, as is often the case in […]


Omar Rashid of GOLD is on the jury of DesignWinMake contest

Omar Rashid is the owner and ideator of GOLD project, a chic concept store store and cultural project intended to kick off and promote street culture in Florence through the diffusion of new ideas, opportunities and stimuli, helping keep the city in line with international models. Omar was born in Iraq in 1979 but brought to Italy by his parents when he was only 4 months old. He has an impressive […]


Announcing DesignWinMake Contest

We are pleased to announce the first DesignWinMake Contest, an open-themed contest for innovative product design using lasercut. If you’re a designer with an idea and a desire to see it made tangible, promoted, and sold, read on! The contest opened today, February 20, and is organized by MakeTank in collaboration with, a design and interior decorating web magazine, and with the technical support of Vectorealism, lasercut service in […]