Viper, the Italian Python for Arduino

A team of developers coming from Fablab Pisa created Viper, a platform to program open hardware boards using Python scripts. Now they’re on Kickstarter.


Practicality is the name of the game…

Are you looking for unique decorations and pieces that are both pleasing to the eye, as well as practical for your everyday activities? MakeTank has plenty of choices for all of your organizational and daily needs.


Back to school, not back to routine

Holidays are over and September is a bit like a new year starting: kids go back to school, the old routine is waiting for you just around the corner of the office. Some (boring) things can’t be avoided, but why not giving a touch of color and new life to your office or school desk, and to these September days in general? We have some ideas to suggest you, of […]


Smartwatches are already open, thanks to OSWatch

Smartwatches are trendy. It seems that everybody wants his/her watch to talk with an iPhone or an Android smartphone to tell us when there’s a new e-mail or a new Facebook post. And there’s more: a nice smartwatch should also connect with other fitness gadget to monitor our health and sport activities. Your geek friends will tell you that everything started with the Pebble, but now many big consumer electronics […]


Get ready for tomorrow, it's Arduino Day

Tomorrow, March 29th, it’s the Arduino Day: ten years ago was born what it has then become the most important and widespread open hardware platform, this date is going to be celebrated with a collection of worldwide events that will involve many Arduino communities spread all over the planet. For the last weeks these communities (user groups, hackerspaces, fablabs, schools, and so on) have been proposing their own events for […]


Open Informant: open hardware against e-surveillance

How can we show – peacefully – that we are against electronic surveillance systems monitoring our communications digging for security threats? For anglo-indian design practice Superflux we could simply show those digital conversations excerpts which security agencies like NSA are constantly looking for, even if they are actually harmless. So they created Open Informant: a wearable badge, based on Arduino and a little E-Ink display, which works in sinergy with […]


Arduino blocks your impulsive shopping. Literally.

We see Arduino and open hardware used in projects solving strange and often very specific problems, but what about something as (unfortunately) common as preventing us from wasting money? It could be done, at least in some way: australian project iBag adopted Arduino to create something which could stop impulsive shopping. As its name implies, iBag is a bag (a bit ugly, but it’s just a prototype). In its base […]


MusicInk: learning music by drawing it

Kids playing with ink are, usually, a disaster waiting to happen. But not when “playing” means “making music” – and not “having fun with walls, clothes and other stuff”- thanks to MusicInk, an italian project based on Arduino and conductive inks. MusicInk was designed by Gilda Negrini and Riccardo Vendramin: they are both members of Produzione Impropria, a group of designers spawned in 2013 from a self-production workshop held at […]


VIA Springboard, a new platform for DIY hardware

First there was Intel, now another “big name” in the embedded computing sector followed Arduino’s footsteps launching a new platform designed for open hardware enthusiasts: it’s the taiwanese company VIA Technologies, which introduced a new line of open hardware kits under the brand VIA Springboard. All circles around the VAB 600, a little board (7 x 10 cm) based on an ARM Cortex A9 800 MHz processor, quite similar to […]


Arduino and Intel collaborate, make Galileo!

Today at Maker Faire Rome, we were present at the announcement of a new and major collaboration between Intel and Arduino. It’s name is Galileo, and we actually got one of the very first chips that were given to Makers here in Rome. Intel® Galileo board is the first product in a new family of Arduino Certified boards featuring Intel architecture. The platform is easy to use for beginners and […]