ActionAid Italy's Beatrice Costa on 3DPRINTforAID contest

The challenge MakeTank and Thingarage issued with our 3DPRINTforAID contest, created to award a 3D-printed socially useful object, goes on. Before the deadline of September, 23rd you can upload your project on the contest webpage and then… cross your fingers. The award ceremony will be held during Maker Faire Rome 2014. To give you some hints you may need, we’ve talked with Beatrice Costa, member of 3DPRINTforAID jury and Head […]


Stampomatica, Gutenberg goes the Maker's way

Stampomatica is an italian project that’s currently looking for funds on Indiegogo (and with its store here on MakeTank, shortly after this campaign). Created by “maker facility” Tecnificio and innovative printing workshop Lino’s Type, Stampomatica wants to mix the analog feeling of the tradional letterpress with the new manufacturing techniques of Makers’ world.   Stampomatica is a little personal printer which prints the old way: you put some ink on […]


Machine Series: tabletop accessories go open source

Today, one of the most important developments in 3D printing applications has nothing to do with technology: it’s about who is printing what. The early adopters of 3D printing have been technical users, technology fans who have taken this new form of manufacturing to the people, yes, but who often don’t have much an eye for aesthetics. Now 3D printing it’s also becoming a new way to express designers’ creativity, […]


3D printing the 21st Century music box

With 3D printing we can create objects never seen before, but also reinvent “old” things we don’t like and use anymore. Take the music box, once so popular and now just a curiosity for aficionados: english creative agency Left Field Labs revised music box design to make it suitable for 3D printing. And adding to it an high degree of personalizzation, a crucial element of Makers’ philosophy: now everyone can […]


Anouk Wipprecht's 3D printed circus

Only in Vegas, you say? Too bad. The Light is a Vegas nightclub at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino conceived by the creative minds behind Cirque du Soleil. The show put on to ring in 2014, and replicated a few times in January 2014, combined wearable electronics with 3D printed costumes that would look at home on Lady Gaga, in an high tech, high powered environment. The costumes were designed […]


SmåtSmåt, little big jewels in 3D printing

First of all, the brand: SmåtSmåt must be written using an “a” with a ring because it comes from the danish word småt (little). So SmåtSmåt stands for “little little”. “We chose this name because we both love Northern Europe, because it has a playful sound and because it’s the title of an album by Stefano Bollani, an artist we both love and who came to our minds when we […]


3D Hubs: 3D printing is more fun if we do it local

Even the biggest fan of 3D printers will admit that they still aren’t so easy and inexpensive to have a place in every home. But technologies are evolving – and prices getting lower – so fast that your nearest 3D printer could be, if not on your desktop, just a few blocks away: in the house of someone who is an early adopter or simply thinks that current 3D printers […]


Marble-Eco Design lets you 3D print with marble

Innovation in 3D printing often means creating new materials to turn into filaments, fuse, sold, extrude and so on… but what about an old “classic” (in many ways) like marble? Making marble suitable for 3D printing is exactly the goal of Marble-Eco Design, a new italian project led by a team of four: Michela Ruggiero, Emiliano Antonucci, Carlo Ruggiero and Daniele Iori. More than a goal, actually, because at the […]


3D printing at the superstore

High-quality 3D printing is still out of reach for the average Maker who wants to create just a few samples of his/her product, but if you are a big company looking for a new marketing tool, economies of scale are different. The British supermarket chain ASDA is trialling a new 3D printing service in its York store, where your body (and clothes) can be scanned and digitized to create a […]


More is more: Digital Grotesque

16 square meters of intensely detailed 3D printed architecture create a modern version of a Baroque grotto. The project, Digital Grotesque, is the brainchild of Swiss architects Michael Hansmeyer and Benjamin Dillenburger and you can walk in yourself at FRAC Centre in Orleans, France (until February 2, 2014, as part of Archilab 2013). Digital Grotesque . Printing Architecture from Digital Grotesque on Vimeo. Digital Grotesque tests the limits of digital […]