Bracelets and Bicycles

Today’s feature items will make your head spin with excitement as if it were the wheels of a bike racing in the Tour de France! Here are some of the best bracelets that will make for very fashionable accessories since they cannot actually be used as wheels!


Here is your chanche to test the new Autodesk 3D printer

Autodesk launched its Ember Explorer program: selected Makers, researchers and developers can buy an “early build” of Ember 3D printer


FORMALIZ3D: technology meets creativity

Technology combined with functionality and aesthetics: that’s how three young designers create their 3D-printed lamps


F-Electric: a conductive filament for 3D printing

If soldering is not your thing, there’s a new filament to directly 3D-print circuits and other conductive components


MakerBot, a partnership with Martha Stewart

Three new filaments and four 3D models of objects for the table: these are the first results of an unexpected partnership MakerBot finalized with Martha Stewart, an icon for all home-decor and DIY enthusiasts in the United States (and not only there). This partnership aims at showing that desktop FDD 3D printers are ready to make high quality (and stylish) objects for any home. MakerBot and Martha Stewart developed three […]


With RepRap 3DPrintBox you can share a 3D printer

A new 3D printing server lets you print without being directly connected to a 3D printer: all you need is a web browser


Selective Inhibition Sintering: low-cost metal 3D printing

University of Southern California developed a new approach to print metal powder without laser systems or binding chemicals


3D printing: a new way of creating artistic pieces

The potential of 3D printers to create rapidly small series of objects is no longer just a project but a current way to build products. Many designers and architects have used this new process to create their collections. From art decoration to jeweleries, furniture and even houses, this new manufacturing concept offer a great quality and a new way of industrialization. How does it work? This year a team of Spanish […]


Autodesk Spark is also a fund for 3D printing innovation

Do you remember Spark, Autodesk’s initiative aimed at developing an open platform for 3D printers and, more broadly, to simplify the data exchange between design software and 3D printing processes? We wrote about it in this post. Now Spark is also an investment fund (aptly called Spark Investment Fund) with $100 million for who’s working on innovation in 3D printing. Autodesk wants to get in touch with entrepreneurs, startups and […]


Amphora is a new plastic designed for 3D printing

Unlike PLA and ABS, the new polymer by Eastman Chemical and ColorFabb has been specifically designed for 3D printing, to offer stronger objects and less toxicity