Lumipocket: the Italian way to stereolitography

Davide and Manuela, the minds behind Lumipocket and Lumifold, tell us how stereolitography can become a 3D printing technology for any Maker


PrintEat, create your own 3D-printable pasta

ThinGarage launched a contest for a 3D-printable shape of pasta: design your own and submit it before October, 20th


Stampomatica, one year later

Tecnificio and Lino’sType launched their “letterpress 2.0” project at Maker Faire Rome 2013: since then, it’s been a very busy and satisfying year for Stampomatica


Riccardo Luciani: technology works for social innovation

Our 3DPRINTforAID contest is almost over: September, 23rd will be the last day to upload your project of a socially useful object to be manufactured via 3D printing (this is the contest page). What should we expect from this mix of technology and social innovation? That’s what we asked Riccardo Luciani, member of the jury and Impact Hub Florence director and co-founder. Why did you create Impact Hub Florence? What are […]


Green and yellow for the World Cup and for MakeTank

The World Cup may be far from home but MakeTank products don’t have to be. With the World Cup under way in the host country of Brazil, what better way to celebrate a rich and cultured event than with your own Brazil-themed green-and-yellow products from MakeTank. Go for the goal and score a major win with any of our festive World Cup inspired gifts. With electrifying yellow and bold green, […]


Studio MP: a story of ergonomic design

Italian Makers are a link between past and future of Made in Italy (and of many other things which have something to do with craftsmanship and innovation). Valerio Monticelli and Andrea Bruni of Studio MP are on the forefront of this movement: they studied design, have a creative DNA and put a great passion into all their projects, always looking beyond any limit. What’s your story as Makers? What does […]


Printeer, the kid-friendly 3D printer

Kids love to “make” and 3D printing will be their new way to build what they imagine, but they need something designed for them


A summer in red and white

It’s that time of the year, when it’s summer and the living is easy. However, don’t forget you have to stay fashionable in what you wear: let’s keep it to white and reds today. Ready? Here we go! First things first, don’t spend time choosing a top and bottom that match. Take the easy way out, choose this Angelic White dress from Sheike. Low cut, it says party in the […]


3DPRINTforAID: 3D printing makes life better

3D printing can improve quality of life: if you have a project that realizes this concept, MakeTank, Thingarage and Vectorealism just launched the right contest for you


Cambiami: 3D-printed glasses change with your mood

Today we end our DesignWinMake finalists roundup talking with Rosa Topputo from D’Arc Studio. Rosa co-founded D’Arc Studio with Alessio Tommasetti and participated in our contest with the Cambiami project, created also with Valentina De Santis. Cambiami (“change me” in English) is a pair of quick-change, and somehow “moody”, glasses which won the third place. We wanted to know something more about this concept. Where does Cambiami come from?  We wanted to create some glasses […]