With RepRap 3DPrintBox you can share a 3D printer

A new 3D printing server lets you print without being directly connected to a 3D printer: all you need is a web browser


Selective Inhibition Sintering: low-cost metal 3D printing

University of Southern California developed a new approach to print metal powder without laser systems or binding chemicals


Customized business gifts can make you stand out

Business gifts are always the same, something you’ve seen a thousand times. Get out of this boring trend thanks to Makers’ creativity and customization.


Sabrina Fossi: design as the essence of everyday things

Today we talk with one of the most promising Florentine designers: Sabrina Fossi. Grown near the Duomo, in Florence, she managed to show her design style all over the world. Thanks also to the local craftsmanship experience, she was able to blend simplicity with elegance, but also with functionality. De-structuring and testing new dimensions, she could go back to the true essence of everyday objects, shaping it with her fresh […]


MakeMore contest: you can still choose your winner

Makers aren’t afraid of challenges and those who joined our MakeMore contest proved it once again. We received more than 80 projects, conceived in the best Maker-style: mixing tradition with innovative manufacturing techniques. And with wood, this time: if there’s one thing we learned with this contest, is that wood has a bright future. We hope the same for our five finalists, and you still have time to choose your […]


3D printing: a new way of creating artistic pieces

The potential of 3D printers to create rapidly small series of objects is no longer just a project but a current way to build products. Many designers and architects have used this new process to create their collections. From art decoration to jeweleries, furniture and even houses, this new manufacturing concept offer a great quality and a new way of industrialization. How does it work? This year a team of Spanish […]


Autodesk Spark is also a fund for 3D printing innovation

Do you remember Spark, Autodesk’s initiative aimed at developing an open platform for 3D printers and, more broadly, to simplify the data exchange between design software and 3D printing processes? We wrote about it in this post. Now Spark is also an investment fund (aptly called Spark Investment Fund) with $100 million for who’s working on innovation in 3D printing. Autodesk wants to get in touch with entrepreneurs, startups and […]


Fall into autumn... In style!

Autumn is upon us: the season of sweaters, boots, jeans, and of course the perfect accessory to match! Autumn is a time for neutral colors; deep reds, browns, blacks. Depending on your style you can either match your jewelry to this palette or go for a statement piece that adds a bit of flare to your otherwise relatively monochromatic color scheme. Here at MakeTank we have a couple ideas for […]


Pecoramello: design as a language for nature

Have you ever thought that a typical kind of patisserie could become an object of design? This is exactly one of the projects by Pecoramello Architetti, whose conceptual idea is inspired by objects that recall territories, traditions and emotions. Design becomes a tool used to communicate the relationship between man and nature, in a green way. The Pecoramello Group was born in Naples in 2001 from a collaboration between Anna […]