Cbdisegno makes bags, too

From furnishing accessories to bags made with felt and plexiglas: Claudia Bignoli tells us her new creative choice


DesignWinMake goes Metal

Unleash your imagination for our product design contest: this year, we’re looking for original and appealing laser-cut objects


Zanzotti Design and the magic of steel

Freelance architect, full-time mom, Maker: Eva Zanzotti takes inspiration from her kids to create playful objects in laser-cut metal


Planisfera laser-cut wood lamp wins MakeMore

Koal Design’s foldable lamp reached its goal and will be officially introduced by Veneta Cucine for its new collection


Here is your chanche to test the new Autodesk 3D printer

Autodesk launched its Ember Explorer program: selected Makers, researchers and developers can buy an “early build” of Ember 3D printer


FORMALIZ3D: technology meets creativity

Technology combined with functionality and aesthetics: that’s how three young designers create their 3D-printed lamps


F-Electric: a conductive filament for 3D printing

If soldering is not your thing, there’s a new filament to directly 3D-print circuits and other conductive components


MakerBot, a partnership with Martha Stewart

Three new filaments and four 3D models of objects for the table: these are the first results of an unexpected partnership MakerBot finalized with Martha Stewart, an icon for all home-decor and DIY enthusiasts in the United States (and not only there). This partnership aims at showing that desktop FDD 3D printers are ready to make high quality (and stylish) objects for any home. MakerBot and Martha Stewart developed three […]


Practicality is the name of the game…

Are you looking for unique decorations and pieces that are both pleasing to the eye, as well as practical for your everyday activities? MakeTank has plenty of choices for all of your organizational and daily needs.