How to make acrylic jewels with laser cutting

You can laser-cut jewels using different materials: let’s experiment with acrylic’s versatility


A Yellow Outfit Just For You!

Studies in positive psychology and embodied psychology have shown that the way you dress can have a drastic effect on how you feel. The concept can be summed up in the phrase “look good, feel good!” Today, here is an outfit that will take your attire to the next level and hopefully give you the confidence, energy, and enthusiasm to take the day by storm!


Bracelets and Bicycles

Today’s feature items will make your head spin with excitement as if it were the wheels of a bike racing in the Tour de France! Here are some of the best bracelets that will make for very fashionable accessories since they cannot actually be used as wheels!


LaserMaker and Trotec Laser: an interview with Alberto Moretti

We met, managing director of Trotec Italia, to better understand its involvement in a creative contest like LaserMaker


Upcoming Temporary Showroom “MakerInHangar3”

 The 3rd edition of the Temporary Showroom “MakerInHangar3” is coming up quickly! On June 30th, 2015 join us at Fantacci Interiors, Via Frascati 67 in Prato and see first-hand some of the best and brightest designs out there. All of the following 8 items will be showed in the temporary showroom and you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity! You will love the “Photoframe Giraffe” (€20.00) in orange, […]


Beback Design: objects have their journeys, too

Gessica Mendilicchio gives a new life and a new role to everyday objects, letting them go on their journeys


How to laser-cut your own neoprene clutch

Laser cutting is an extremely versatile technology, here is a simple expression of its applications


Nicolò Gerin: when design wants to move you

You can have a “romantic” idea of design objects’ role and put it into practice, starting from a simple vase


BARSA: jewels come from creativity and nature

One year ago Sara Barroccu won our contest DWM 3D Edition: since then her BARSA project went a lot further on the self-production way





Techno-design for new medical devices: Leah Heiss

Italian design for your house

The work of art in the age of 3D printed reproduction

Vaporetta: city and nature in a unique jewel

Book review: Chris Anderson, Makers - what I learned and what I already knew

Fuorisalone 2013: MakeTank digital fabrication consultant to Lago