About us

MakeTank is a multi-vendor marketplace where people who combine design and artisanship with digital fabrication and open hardware techniques can list and sell their work. A complimentary blog is used to explore the related world of product design and technological innovation, reinforced by social media.

Makers, designers, artisans and creatives use MakeTank to list and sell hundreds of products. These are appreciated by clients who want original pieces that have stories behind them, be it for their home or office, as a gift or to enhance their look. These clients understand that they are also supporting independent designers and makers.

If you are a Maker, artisan or independent designer, MakeTank is your marketplace. It’s free to list (we take only a small percentage) and you manage your own store, though with a good dose of help, advice and visibility from us to help you turn your passion into a business.

If you love contemporary design and shopping online, MakeTank is the right place to find items with a story, that can be customized, and are made to order by our hand-picked group of Makers and artisans, who you’ll be helping support.

MakeTank is registered as an “innovative startup” at the Chamber of Commerce of Florence, Italy, and is a registered trademark in Italy, the EU and the USA.


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