5 awesome home decorating items in cardboard

Once considered a poor material used mainly for packaging, cardboard is suddenly appreciated for its texture, natural colour, versatility and ecological aspects. Easy to punch or laser cut, it lends itself to various elements of designer home decorating. Here are five cardboard design items that you can find on MakeTank. Four Table This unique low table is made from a series of waves that dip all the way down to […]


Weezy: wireless music, top quality sound

We know Claudio Carnevali because he is one of the founders of openPicus, an open hardware company that we have already written about on this blog, but we haven’t yet talked about Weezy, one of Claudio’s projects. At first glance it seems like a normal wireless speaker for smartphones and tablets, of which there are hundreds, but actually it is a concrete object that will appeal more to audiophiles. Weezy […]


Light me up with innovation: 5 unique lamps

The illumination of any space is important for both mood and functionality. Too often, we settle for solutions that just ‘illuminate’ but do not actually decorate or add feeling to a space. Here on MakeTank we offer a selection of lamps by independent designers, produced using innovative techniques like laser cutting and 3D printing, as well as others that are more artisanal. They come in different sizes, styles and price […]


What to get for mom? 7 original mother's day gifts

Mother’s Day is May 12, 2013, leaving just about everyone who has a mom scrambling for an appropriate gift. Jewelry, flowers or a book are always an option, but how about something a bit more unique? MakeTank has a selection of products made in Italy using innovative production techniques. Every gift suggestion here is made to order just for your mom! Most of them are also under 100 euros. Want […]


Re+ a winning combination

The project may be from 2009 but the idea is still great – actually, we might say it’s a best practice. The Re+ family of lamps, now for sale online in the Re+ MakeTank store and in select distribution points in Italy, comes out of a contest that connected a designer and a company open to change. Designer Stefano Giovacchini participated in a sustainable product design contest organized by the […]


Design throughout the day

On the occasion of International Womens’ Day (March 8) we thought about how our lives, as women, are strongly influenced by the objects that we interact with throughout the day. What if we imagine a day in which we only encounter beautiful, functional objects made for the most part locally and customized just for us? Imagine waking up and reaching over to turn on the 01 Lamp that sits upon […]


French curves and “hipster” curves – a lasercut dressmaking staple

Annaluisa Franco is the Coordinator of the department of Fashion at IED Firenze, with over a decade of experience teaching fashion to up and coming creatives. So it’s logical that she knows what tools fashion designers need, and which ones are missing from the market. Here she tells us how she uses these French curves and why she started making them. Hint: they’re for more than just patternmaking! Annaluisa’s French […]


Troy Nachtigall: from Wyoming to Fucecchio for wearable technology

Troy Robert Nachtigall grew up in 1970s Wyoming, where at the county fair he won “Best Canned Vegetable in the State” four years running (in the childrens’ category). But he also won the “Fashion Review” contest in 1993 by showing up in a suit of his own design, black and purple and without lapels, at a county fair at which  gingham was the greatest statement of style. Clearly, Troy was […]


Raptor: the open, electric monocycle

When cities think about environmentally-safe modes of personal transportation, thoughts usually turn to electric solutions. But remember the Segway? Introduced 10 years ago, this electric stand-up “bicycle” was intended to have major mass diffusion, but that never happened, perhaps because of its steep price tag (7500 euros for the base model in Italy) and also to road-access issues (is it like a bike? a pedestrian? a car?). Similar vehicles by […]


Crowdfunding: let's help Fattelo! on Eppela

We use 547,5 milion pizza boxes per year in this world, and Fattelo! is a lamp that anyone can make by reusing a pizza box. It’s a cool Italian design object, and it needs YOU. Fattelo! (which is literal Italian for do-it-yourself) has put their lamp project on Eppela, an Italian crowdfunding platform, and MakeTank was amongst its very first supporters. Now, we want to let our readers know about […]