Seven creations to show you’re still in style

Style comes at a price, they say, but it doesn’t mean you have also to pay for its shipping. Here you’ll find seven stylish objects, ranging from earrings to necklaces and coffee tables, sold on MakeTank with no shipping costs. Wearing a fancy dress but don’t want to over do it? A rounded Arabesque inspired large medallion, made of black methacrylate enhanced with blue straws is the perfect accessory. Buy it […]


A yellow light in a winter day with this professional look

Looking for a classy and affordable look? You have found it! Try an Equipment Welly white shirt paired with a Basicon yellow blazer and a See by Chloe wool blend black skirt and you have the start to a very fashionable outfit. In order to keep the look going from head to toe add a yellow touch of light given by Veda Soul Genevieve heels and a pair of Apple […]


I’m dreaming of a White Christmas of design

Although the holiday season may seem a while off, December will be soon upon us. It’s time to start thinking about unique gifts… we’ve been thinking about a White Christmas, so propose some of our favourite snowy coloured products. A poetic nativity, made of lava stone and hand painted in enamel, is perfect for the Christmas season. Both practical and elegant, it will surely be able to add a holiday […]


What to wear today, office edition

Look both edgy and sophisticated with this unique outfit. With a Mango dress paired with Karen Millen pumps and Tory Burch sunglasses, this outfit provides the optimal look. Accessorize with a Victoria Beckham tote and a trendy En=joy gioielli watch pendant with necklace (you can buy it here for 29,00 €) and grab your iPad and you are ready for anything.


A better way to develop user interfaces... in wood!

User interfaces can be developed using a graphic design program or on paper, but during the prototyping phase, programmers often find it frustrating when it is necessary to make changes, because they find themselves having to redo the whole mockup. Another problem is that it’s hard to communicate what the product will look like to final client with virtual mockups. In comes Woody UI kit, a low-fidelity prototyping kit that, […]


Leap leather case: MakeTank has got you covered

In summer 2013, a new device was released that will potentially change the way we interact with our computers. We’re willing to say that it’s not a big step, but a “leap.” The Leap Motion is a new intuitive gesture-based interface for PC and Mac. The sleek metal and glass device looks similar to an iPhone, and needs to be protected like one, too. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. […]


Fun Science Education at Home: What is a Galilean telescope?

Galileo Galilei was an Italian philosopher, astronomer and mathematician (d. 1642). Among his many contributions, he was able to discover Jupiter’s four largest satellites, spots on the Sun, phases of Venus, and the hills and valleys of the Moon. He was able to do these things with his cannocchiale, or telescope, that he first built in 1609. What is a Galilean Cannocchiale, telescope or monocular? Galileo used his telescope to […]


5 Accessories for your summer holidays

The time has come: it is officially beach season! It took us quite some time to get here, but back are the days of salty fun under the sun. These five accessories sold here at MakeTank will help you get in the beach spirit, although we’re sure by now you don’t really need the extra help. Coralia Armband When thinking of the beach, this Coralia armband is the perfect summer […]


7 Family Accessories and Toys for Summer

Summer has been late in arriving here in Europe but now the kids are out of school and we’re ready to celebrate summer with our families. Here are seven accessories and family toys available on MakeTank to help get you in the summer spirit. 1. Noah’s Arc No summer is quite complete without a trip to the zoo. Noah’s Arc is the perfect gift to remind the little ones in your life […]


Arduino is on MakeTank!

We are very pleased to announce that Arduino is now available on MakeTank, coinciding with the launch of our DesignWinMake contest on the theme of Open Hardware. We’ve put the most famous Arduino chips in our store, as well as the super handy Starter Kit which will immerse you immediately into the world of Open Hardware, with a booklet of simple projects to get started. With documentation online and off, […]