The MakeTank Mix Tape: Beauties and the Beatles

Inspired by the Beatles, their songs and their everlasting impact on the world of music, this mix tape includes a selection of “tracks” that relate to some of your favorite songs from their albums


A Yellow Outfit Just For You!

Studies in positive psychology and embodied psychology have shown that the way you dress can have a drastic effect on how you feel. The concept can be summed up in the phrase “look good, feel good!” Today, here is an outfit that will take your attire to the next level and hopefully give you the confidence, energy, and enthusiasm to take the day by storm!


Bracelets and Bicycles

Today’s feature items will make your head spin with excitement as if it were the wheels of a bike racing in the Tour de France! Here are some of the best bracelets that will make for very fashionable accessories since they cannot actually be used as wheels!


Je t’aime (pour toujours): ironic and "très chic" design

Would you like a bit of ironic elegance in your home decor? No problem, thanks to Je t’aime (pour tojours), a brand created by Francesco Brandi and Alessandro Innocenti, respectively an architect and a designer. They started a project mixing tradition with innovation, sense of humor and emotions. All with unmistakable elegance. How was Je t’aime (pour tojours) started? Francesco: From my passion for design, decor and French-romantic furnishing style. […]


A whole summer to have fun together

It’s holiday time at last: now parents have more time to have fun, play, create and discover together with their kids. On MakeTank we have a lot of objects for that. For your kids, here is our eco-friendly highchair Girandolo: it can be used when he/she’s still a toddler but also when he/she grows up, as a rocking chair or a little desk to draw and work upon. And we […]


Green and yellow for the World Cup and for MakeTank

The World Cup may be far from home but MakeTank products don’t have to be. With the World Cup under way in the host country of Brazil, what better way to celebrate a rich and cultured event than with your own Brazil-themed green-and-yellow products from MakeTank. Go for the goal and score a major win with any of our festive World Cup inspired gifts. With electrifying yellow and bold green, […]


A summer in red and white

It’s that time of the year, when it’s summer and the living is easy. However, don’t forget you have to stay fashionable in what you wear: let’s keep it to white and reds today. Ready? Here we go! First things first, don’t spend time choosing a top and bottom that match. Take the easy way out, choose this Angelic White dress from Sheike. Low cut, it says party in the […]


8 + 3 ideas for a unique present to your children’s teacher

Holidays are approaching, moms have the difficult task of choosing the right gift for their children’s teachers! How to choose an original, and not very expensive, gift for who supported our sons and daughters day after day from September to June? We have some suggestions for any budget. For traditional teachers, but with a touch of uniqueness, at 50 euros you can buy the amazing Arabesque parure with earrings and necklace. […]


Green and gray for the next weekend

The sun is shining bright, so it’s time to brighten your dressing. This week we’re talking greens and gray. It’s all about the composition, so let’s get down to it. Why waist time thinking of a top to match with the bottom? Go for this chic mini dress in bandage look, which is sexy-sophisticated and fabulous. Now, add the green with this absolutely fashionable lime green blazer from Moschino. It’s fashionable […]


Fucina: perspective meets 3D printing in a modern mazzocchio

In the Renaissance, when perspective was a newly invented game, one of the greatest challenges you could take on to demonstrate your skill as an artist was to draw or paint a mazzocchio. This is a complex geometric figure with multiple planes that the artist had to work out in perfect perspective. So it seems fitting that in the new “game” of 3D printing, Cristian Marzoli has taken on the […]