How to laser-cut your own neoprene clutch

Laser cutting is an extremely versatile technology, here is a simple expression of its applications


BARSA: jewels come from creativity and nature

One year ago Sara Barroccu won our contest DWM 3D Edition: since then her BARSA project went a lot further on the self-production way


Exclusive gifts for the Mother’s Day on MakeTank

Being a mother means having that extra oomph which must be rewarded with an original and nice present


The most popular products by MakeTank

We just selected a collection of the most popular products on our Store. All of them are useful and with great quality, designed in Italy and made with exquisite craftsmanship


Lofoio: a lab where you can share and work together

A workshop, a sharing space for Makers and craftsmen and also an informal network of competences: it’s the Florentine project Lofoio. We talked with its “tinkerers”.


Check out MakeTank’s Temporary Show Room in Prato

Come to the city of Prato to check out our temporary show room, where we have many design objects on exhibition until early April.


Viper, the Italian Python for Arduino

A team of developers coming from Fablab Pisa created Viper, a platform to program open hardware boards using Python scripts. Now they’re on Kickstarter.


Disomologart Lab: objects with a soul

Umberto Antonelli creates his objects with recycled materials whose soul is, in this way, recovered


Camilla Fucili and her "little house sculptures"

There’s a story inside the objects Camilla creates: it’s about how their users “live” them


Italian design for your house

Mixing innovative and digital techniques can get us to both contemporary and stylish objects. Here are our favorites ones.