Arduino Due: today is the day.

Finally the time has come. After a long wait the Arduino Team has released Arduino Due (du-eh, like the number two in Italian). Starting today at the price of $49, the Due features some major improvements with respect to the Uno and the Leonardo released this summer. Two micro USB ports (one for programming and communications and one to use the Due as client or host) and for the first […]


Print me a startup: ToscanaIN event in Florence, September 24 2012

They’re calling it the “Third Industrial Revolution” – what is it really? For anyone in the Florence, Italy area interested in learning more about this movement (and seeing it up close), the event not to miss is on Monday September 24th, 2012, at 7pm – the fourth annual ToscanaIN startup world event (held in Italian). The translated title is “Print me a startup – the Third Industrial Revolution: fad or […]



The Lego story: from woodworker to King of bricks

To celebrate its 80th birthday, Lego – as strong and youthful as ever – has made an interesting video. We learn the history of the company, from the beginning of the 20th century with Ole Kirk Christiansen, and the generations that followed that transformed Lego – responsible for so many makers’ first contacts with building and creativity – from a small woodworker’s shop to the multinational ‘King of Bricks’ that […]


World of Makers: best of July + August 2012

What was the “World of Makers” up to in July 2012? We’re keeping a finger on the pulse of the worldwide Makers’ movement for you. Other than these monthly roundup posts, you’ll want to join our facebook page for the latest news. In July and August we spotted a bicycle made of cardboard, some excellent funding for “the next Lego”, a summer camp for Makers and more. If there is […]