Cambiami: 3D-printed glasses change with your mood

Today we end our DesignWinMake finalists roundup talking with Rosa Topputo from D’Arc Studio. Rosa co-founded D’Arc Studio with Alessio Tommasetti and participated in our contest with the Cambiami project, created also with Valentina De Santis. Cambiami (“change me” in English) is a pair of quick-change, and somehow “moody”, glasses which won the third place. We wanted to know something more about this concept. Where does Cambiami come from?  We wanted to create some glasses […]


DesignWinMake runners-up: Twist of Fate

Every competition is a collection of stories and our DesignWinMake 3D Edition contest is no different: we told you about the winner, Sara Barroccu, but also runners-up have stories worth telling. Let’s start from Twist of Fate by Troy Nachtigall, which took the second place. Troy has been part of our ‘family’ since the very beginning and still amazes us with his creativity. Twist of Fate is ‘just’ a new Maker challenge. Twist of Fate […]


Atelier Macramè: nordic design with Japan atmosphere

If crochet and laces make you think about your old aunties and their apple pies, this is not the case. Here on MakeTank even macramè can have a digital side and Laura Calligari, with her collections branded Atelier Macramè, it’s a living proof of that. Laura is an architect with many passions and one great love: design. In her collections she tests different materials and techniques, to make objects mixing […]


Federica Sala: living jewels are fragile

Who knows, maybe Martin Gore and Dave Gahan should come to Florence, meet Federica Sala and have a chat about where they all take inspiration from. If you like Depeche Mode (we do) and like what’s behind Federica’s works (we do this too) it’s impossibile not to make a connection. When Federica says that “a jewel is a relationship with the body, the body is fragile, I want fragile jewels. […]


DarqCreations: an architect's journey through jewels

Architects can be very creative and even, if they have a big dose of curiosity, become the epitome of the traveler. Daniela Iafrate’s journey as a Maker started from Isola del Liri, where she was born, continued in Rome and then, one year ago, took a new turn in Milan. But Daniela – who created DarqCreations and recently joined MakeTank team – doesn’t want to stop and her creations head […]


Giovanni Michelucci meets 3D printing on MakeTank

In their Agliana laboratory, architect Giovanni Michelucci and artisan Sergio Fantacci have been working since 1974. Giovanni Michelucci was born in Pistoia in 1891 and dies in Fiesole three days before turning 100. He is a great personality in italian architecture history of the last century, with the first Modern experiences and the disciplinary rethinking of second postwar period. Sergio Fantacci calls him ‘professor’. Michelucci, who also creates an important collection […]


Don't leave your iPad at home: wear it with Padiglio

The iPad has become an inseparable companion for many of us: we use it in the office and at home, to work or to play, to create contents or to consume them. Who wants to use the Apple tablet all the day and on the move has more and more covers to choose from, but sometimes this is not enough: if you use an iPad really often, almost continuously, you want […]


Girandolo, the natural highchair by Stefania Omodeo

Listening to Stefania Omodeo when she explains how Girandolo was born and talks about poplar wood’s qualities makes me think about my first Pinocchio: if Collodi had known Stefania, maybe he would have given Pinocchio a mother instead of a father. And I discovered that behind the enigmatic and precious smile of the Gioconda there’s a Populus wood heart beating. But let’s start from Girandolo: it’s a highchair turning into […]


Francesca Lancisi: how to make art you can live with

There’s a store on MakeTank that stands out amongst the rest. A series of watercolour paintings of pebbles, in lovely hues, which upon closer inspection are overdrawn with minute patterns in ink. Water, pigment, ink and cotton paper are the tools of Francesca Lancisi, a self-taught and self-managed Florence-based artist. There’s no hidden, high tech secret behind these materials, nor a nerdy interpretation of the subject matter (although fractals may […]


SmåtSmåt, little big jewels in 3D printing

First of all, the brand: SmåtSmåt must be written using an “a” with a ring because it comes from the danish word småt (little). So SmåtSmåt stands for “little little”. “We chose this name because we both love Northern Europe, because it has a playful sound and because it’s the title of an album by Stefano Bollani, an artist we both love and who came to our minds when we […]