Positivo | Negativo: opposites that live inside ourselves

Our essence is made by coexisting opposites, Francesca Testa explores this difficult harmony with her line of laser-cut jewels


Lumipocket: the Italian way to stereolitography

Davide and Manuela, the minds behind Lumipocket and Lumifold, tell us how stereolitography can become a 3D printing technology for any Maker


Dayuma Home Design: International self-produced design made in Italy

When wood is home we are takling about the creation of Dayuma


Beback Design: objects have their journeys, too

Gessica Mendilicchio gives a new life and a new role to everyday objects, letting them go on their journeys


Nicolò Gerin: when design wants to move you

You can have a “romantic” idea of design objects’ role and put it into practice, starting from a simple vase


BARSA: jewels come from creativity and nature

One year ago Sara Barroccu won our contest DWM 3D Edition: since then her BARSA project went a lot further on the self-production way


Creation Design: art and crafts allied

For Elena Angiuli and Giovanni Cannito the best design objects come from the synthesis between the conception of beauty and the strength of the know-how.


Disomologart Lab: objects with a soul

Umberto Antonelli creates his objects with recycled materials whose soul is, in this way, recovered


Camilla Fucili and her "little house sculptures"

There’s a story inside the objects Camilla creates: it’s about how their users “live” them


Cbdisegno makes bags, too

From furnishing accessories to bags made with felt and plexiglas: Claudia Bignoli tells us her new creative choice