Why having different prices online won't help your profits

Selling on different sites it’s OK, but the same object should be sold at the same price everywhere. For three good reasons.


Digital manufacturing for museum artshops

At LUBEC 2013 (Lucca Cultural Heritage, www.lubec.it) MaketTank joined the workshop “Italy Wonderland. The new museum bookshop between craftsmanship and technologies” to show how digital manufacturing and open hardware could help Italian museums in creating a self-produced, low-cost, customized and contemporary merchandising. The workshop was born exactly from the idea that we need to start new Made in Italy projects for “a different model of the bookshop where the merchandise will establish itself as a […]


Make every product a gift with package design

There’s something about receiving a specially packaged gift that warms the heart… even if it’s something you’ve bought for yourself! If you’re selling on MakeTank, or anywhere online, developing special packaging will turn every product you ship into a gift, making for highly satisfied customers. We asked MakeTank vendors to send us examples of their gift packaging to inspire you. Bussola Creazioni combines simple paper or transparent bags with attractive […]


Show off what you do with How.Do

Have you ever watched a “how to” video on YouTube, just to have to pause and back up a number of times to see the step you need to replicate? How.Do, a Berlin-based start-up, solves that problem with a simple mobile app that allows you to create and share embeddable instructionals and DIY inspiration. You can create tutorials, inspirational guides or give potential buyers a behind-the-scenes peek at the making […]


More is more: Digital Grotesque

16 square meters of intensely detailed 3D printed architecture create a modern version of a Baroque grotto. The project, Digital Grotesque, is the brainchild of Swiss architects Michael Hansmeyer and Benjamin Dillenburger and you can walk in yourself at FRAC Centre in Orleans, France (until February 2, 2014, as part of Archilab 2013). Digital Grotesque . Printing Architecture from Digital Grotesque on Vimeo. Digital Grotesque tests the limits of digital […]


Photography: a matter of shades

Photographer Maurizio Picci tells us about the importance of pre-photographic procedures. I often find myself taking pictures of the most diverse things, both for personal passion and work reasons. In all cases, the pre-photography rite is important: to take the perfect picture, you need TO OBSERVE. I love taking pictures of objects. First, I analyze the shape, the feeling at touch, the material, and, why not, the smell! Good ideas […]


Which social media should I use to promote my products?

If you run a business of any sort, and particularly if you are a Maker or independent designer, you know that you need to promote your business on social media. Maybe you’re already doing it to a certain extent, but you might not be totally sure which social media platforms are best in order to promote your designs and close sales. As social media manager for a number of other […]


How to photograph products with a Nokia N8 and €100

We see a fair amount of product photography here at MakeTank, and we were really pleased when Dario Scapitta uploaded nice photos of his 3D printed jewelry with perfect white backgrounds and good detail. When Dario told me he shot these with a Nokia smartphone, I couldn’t believe it! He sent me this tutorial explaining exactly how he takes photos using the smartphone and about €100 worth of photography equipment […]


Sell worldwide with MakeTank: four important tips

MakeTank is a marketplace that allows you to promote yourself and sell your products worldwide. The marketplace started out right away by opening up beyond Italy to the rest of the world by being bilingual, so Makers from Italy and the rest of Europe could sell their products with the support of this blog to tell the stories of your creative processes, techniques and final results. To be able to […]


The work of art in the age of 3D printed reproduction

When 3D printing meets the fine arts, we revisit the question of the role of reproduction in art, and the role of art in the age of “mechanical reproduction” as it was termed in a famous 1936 essay by Walter Benjamin (The work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction). Pop Art and Dadaism are two modern art movements that play very much with the concept of the value […]