Among the latest additions to MakeTank you may have noticed Positivo | Negativo, a collection created by Francesca Testa. It's a laser-cut jewels line exploring the idea of coexisting opposites, expressing it with their shapes but also through their colors and design. We talked with Francesca to know something more about her creative background and the concept her collection started from.

Francesca graduated in Industrial Design at SAD – Scuola di Architettura e Design (“School of Architecture and Design) “E.Vittoria”, in Ascoli Piceno (AP). Her strong interest in graphic design and communication comes from her first job experience, a university internship at Roland DG Mid Europe, Acquaviva Picena (AP). "It was a wonderful and effective way that allowed me not only to understand the theory behind the main printing technologies improved by Roland, but also to practically understand how to realize all various graphics applications with Roland plotters", she tells us.


After her degree, Francesca improved her graphics skills and knowledge in visual communication, web and responsive design both through several specialization courses, e-learning and practice workshops and through internships in web and advertising agencies and first collaborations as freelancer. "While as a graphic/web designer I focus on the strategic component of each visual project in addition to keep it as consistent as possible to the initial brief of the client, Positivo | Negativo project represents the child inside me, the most intimate, natural and spontaneous side of my soul", says Francesca.

Positivo | Negativo represents and symbolizes Francesca's individual and professional evolution: "The aim of this personal project is to make my greatest passions real: from childhood with my innate skill for drawing to the teen years with my strong motivation in the study of philosophy; to the mature curiosity to explore the field of design until the current conscious passion for graphics, communication and digital".

The concept, as Francesca tells us, "Has been immediately clear in my head: it focuses on the illustration of a collection of digital jewelry that, at the microscopic level of significant, tells my personal history and, at the macro level of significance, speaks to the individual about himself, about the human being and its essence. These last ones are two extremely relevant topics in modern philosophical thinking: the human essence consists in a combination of opposites, complex and difficult to harmonize but required to form human being in its variety. This is the beginning of Positivo | Negativo project: a collection of modern, unique and original jewelry that explores human essence showing the combination of opposites that live inside ourselves".


The main topic of all the collections - explains Francesca - is the combination of opposites that form human being in its variety and we can see it in the style of the jewelry’s design, as well as in their meaning; graphically they’re designed as a combination of full and empty shapes that alternate themselves (this is the reason why it's called Positivo | Negativo). Positivo | Negativo jewelry is divided into two different collections: YOUNG Collection visually represents the combination of opposites, which are closer to young people, such as DOG/ Cat bijoux, and the SENIOR Collection that conceives more mature themes such as MOTHER / Daughter and FAITH / Reason bijoux.

The choice of material and color of pendants as well as digital technique used to make them are in line with the Positivo | Negativo Concept: "When I thought about Positivo | Negativo jewelry for the first time, I immediately associated the project to white and black colors (opposites again) so I believed that it would have been a great idea to realize two different variants for each pendant: black and white ones. About the digital technique, I immediately chose laser cutting for its main benefits and advantages, such us the high level of precision and extreme versatility that enable me to design and cut not only simple shapes but also more complex and smaller patterns with high levels of details and intricate designs. Finally, I decided to use simple cast acrylic sheets (PMMA), a rigid plastic, for its high degree of transparency, good degree of resistance to scratching and impact, its versatility, sustainability and the affordable price".


We often ask our designer which object they're especially proud of, which one really represents themselves. For Francesca is GO/ Stay pendant: "I believe it’s the object that better represents my soul, my uniqueness, my way of being".

As it's explained on its page on MakeTank, GO /Stay is open to all those who, at least once in their life, have chosen to leave and change their current situation in order to remain true to themselves. This pendant is perfect for all those who tend to face their fears and who love life too much to waste it following other people’s dreams instead of their own.


E per la collezione non mancheranno le novità: "Vorrei portare avanti il progetto di Positivo | Negativo quale mia personale ed elegante ricerca di unicità e originalità, proponendo magari nuove collezioni dai temi diversi. Ho già molte idee che bollono in pentola", racconta Francesca.  "A breve sarà possibile richiedere anche gioielli su misura; si potrà infatti richiedere il disegno per un gioiello che rappresenti la propria personale idea di opposto, la propria essenza. Questi gioielli unici saranno raccolti in una collezione ad hoc e potranno essere scelti ed acquistati da tutti coloro che ne condividono le storie e le emozioni".

And stay tuned, because Francesca has a few surprises ready to show: "I would definitely like to continue my creative professional career as graphic and web designer freelance; on the other hand I also wish to combine my first business to the jewelry design and Positivo | Negativo project, continuing to design and cut unique and customized jewelry. They represent my personal research for a unique and original style. In addition to YOUNG and SENIOR Collection I would like to design and create a unique charm collection of acrylic laser cutting jewelry, based on Positivo | negativo style and concept, made to be worn on bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Moreover, a Positivo | Negativo service is active and it enables people to request the creation of customized jewelry: starting from a specific and customized idea of pendants, I would design and cut the final unique pendant".


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