How to transform a traditional Made in Italy company to an enterprise projected into the future with the new digital manufacture technologies? How to make competitive many Italian traditional Botteghe, owned by “passionate” entrepreneurs and artisans, through the Web 2.0? With the Botteghe Digitali experts, a team of professionals with various experience as entrepreneurship, marketing and social media, bank and finance.


It will be possible, through the aid of this team, to transform the Italian traditional craftsmen in a competitive excellence in various markets. The requirement to participate to the program is to have a product of excellence which has the right market potential to become an example of the new Italian manufacture. Botteghe Digitali will give information about this journey and this transformation. The new video format, born by a clever idea of Stefano Micelli, Banca Ifis and Marketing Arena, developed in collaboration with Maker Faire, it will take place on the website

The goal is to select some projects, with the above written requirements, and to provide them for free a team of professionists and experts which will follow them in a fully entrepreneur growing. The companies who want to participate can subscribe at the website or directly at the Fare Impresa Futuro desk at the Maker Faire Rome (16-18 October, Pavilion K stand 1), where Banca Ifis team will give any information about the project. The last term to subscribe the program is October 30th.

Marketing Arena is born in Rovigo as debate and discussion place, becoming later a true company, that today represents a digital innovation platform. Our main goal is to make things working well, we don't care about where, we are really obsessed about how, and after every activity we always ask ourselves why, to understand how was going.


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