Lumipocket is an Italian project by the same team who launched a first successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for a similar product: Lumifold. The idea behind Lumifold and now Lumipocket is the same: to bring stereolitography to (almost) everyone, especially Makers and "digitalized" craftsmen. We met the projects' founders, Manuela and Davide, to know what their company Lumi Industries has in store for the next future.


What got you into creating Lumipocket, and how is it really different from other 3D printers?
The idea to work in the 3D printing world was born in 2013, from the first Lumifold project created by Davide, our founder. After the success of a first crowdfunding campaign, thanks to H-Farm Ventures incubator we were able to incorporate a startup company in 2014. Our mission is to make 3D printing benefits available to everyone.

Lumipocket Pro and Lumipocket LT have been created following this inspiration: to reach a public of small artisans, freelance professionals, hobbyists, Makers, students, researchers and introduce them to Stereolithography technology which guarantees high quality outputs, but it is still not very popular being costly and not very user-friendly. From here we got the idea to scale and simplify this technology, making it somehow basic, so than anybody can benefit from it!

What features does Lumipocket offer and which uses is suitable for, based on its materials and definition?
Lumipocket LT is a multifunction product suitable to Makers, hobbysts and small artisans. It has a SCARA robotic arm leading a UV laser which allows to 3D-print and engrave. Lumipocket can 3D-print on photosensible resins with a precision up to 50 micron on Z axis and 100 micron on X and Y axis in about a 20 second per layer according to the part to be printed. However this performance can be highly improved during the enhancement and optimization phase which the crowdfunding will allow us to carry on.

The printer can also engrave: the UV laser can be used to engrave on several materials like cardboard, plywood, leather or soft plastic/acrylic to allow free space to creativity! And then PCB etching, an every Maker's Must-Have: Lumipocket LT allows to etch PCB on sensitized boards.



Who "is" Lumi Industries? How does it feels working in H-Farm?
Lumi Industries Team currently includes the two co-founders: Davide Marin and Manuela Pipino. Davide, with an engineering background and a strong passion for art and innovation, is the creative mind at the project base. Manuela, with a purchase and sales background, is taking care of company management and development. We also have several external collaborators assisting us on business and product development. H-Farm is a fascinating place. We work in a real green sorround inside Sile's natural park, which stimulates creativity. Moreover it is agood place for ideas exchange!

It's the second time you use crowdfunding for your projects and both the campaigns were a success. What's your secret? And why someone should back your campaign now? Lumipocket LT is already fully founded.
A lot of hard work and a bit of luck! To create a crowdfunding campaign isn't easy as it seems. First of all you need to have a great idea, a great doable idea. It is very important for an hardware project to show concretely that what you want to do is achievable, not only with descriptions and renderings, but with a working prototype too.


You need to explain in a clear and fascinating way the entire project, so that anybody can easily understand it. It is very important, then, to make the people feel they are part of the project. In fact we are not selling a ready-made product, we are raising funds to give birth to an idea. Every single contribution, every single suggestion from our backers is fundamental to Lumipocket LT implementation process and to the startup development itself.

The target has already been reached, so the product will be real! Who decide to support us now will have the possibility not only to feel part of this project thanks to his/her contribution, but to get Lumipocket at the best price, which we reserve to all people who belived in us, even before seeing Lumipocket LT fully produced.
Moreover, reaching new targets will allow us to add new features. Come to see the stretch goals on Kickstarter!


After your crowdfunding campaign, which projects do you want to start? Specific things you want to realize with your partners?
If we will be able to raise enough funds, after producing Lumipocket LT we would like to dedicate our attention to our parallel projects, which are also mentioned in the video presentation, to complete the 3D printing experience Lumi Industries wants to offer: like post processing unit, 3D scanner, holodock for holographic visualization of printing models. We are also working on the development of a new professional model, but all this needs the active support of all our backers!

With MakeTank we are planning to organize presentation events on resin-based 3D printing and maybe some workshops, so that we can show the potentiality of this technology and prove that, thanks to us and our devices, it really is available to everyone.


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