Waves of Summer on MakeTank! For the summer season, nothing can make you feel as good as enjoying the seaside. Here are some perfect summer jewelry and home décor options that can make you feel that much closer to the waves, breeze, and sunshine by the sea!


Barchetta - Leather Necklace

Leather Necklace - Barchetta

The “Leather Necklace – Barchetta” (€35.00) is a chic design made of brown and beige leather in the shape of a boat. All of the pieces are handmade in Italy and each one is unique. If you cannot take a trip to the seaside today, bring a piece of it with you in the form of this stylish accessory!

Anchor Earrings in Lasercut Acrylic

Anchor Earrings in Laser Cut Acrylic

The “Anchor Earrings in Laser Cut Acrylic” (€20.00) is another beautiful summer jewelry option to add to your newest summer outfit and remind you of the seaside. The anchor is a symbol of determination, hope, and loyalty and, as they are made from a mirror-material laser cut acrylic, these earrings will reflect these qualities in you! These endearing jewels are 100% Made in Italy and will take your summer attire to the next level of seasonal celebration!

Braccialoft - 3D Printed Bracelet

Braccialoft - 3D Printed Bracelet

Braccialoft – 3D Printed Bracelet” (€24.00) is another summer jewelry piece that can allow you to carry a piece of the sea with you throughout your day! This unique, soft, and contemporary bracelet design, especially in white, has smooth curved lines and ridges that will remind you of the gentle rise and fall of seaside waves. The slow processing ensures superb quality as well as the flexible PLA used to create a comfortable and use-resistant material. A calming and fashionable reminder of some of the best aspects of summer, you cannot go without this versatile and unique addition to your accessory wardrobe!

There are also some very fun and beautiful new furniture and home décor designs that will also allow you to bring pieces of the sunshine and sea of the summer into the home or office!

Cromo Rainbow - Armchair

Cromo Rainbow - Armchair

The “Cromo Rainbow – Armchair” (€2,100.00) brings into a room the same brightness that the sun can provide outside on a warm summer day. This handmade armchair with a wooden structure and polyurethane pad made of traditional upholstery is offered in 7 customizable elements with 1144 possible colors! This allows for you to take part in the design of a chair that will be a statement piece in any room you place it.

Emerald - Lamp

Emerald - Lamp

Likewise, the “Emerald – Lamp” (€650.00) will make itself known wherever it is placed. Not only will the lamp’s colors remind you of the marbled, glassy green, blue, and coral colors of the sea, but the lamp is also impressively made with recycled materials! This piece is also entirely Made in Italy and can be your next and most beautiful furniture addition. What better way to celebrate the sea than with am environmentally sustainable and trendy piece like this lamp?!

Franci - Eco Flower Cardboard in Havana

Franci - Eco Flower Cardboard Avana

Finally, to be able to celebrate the beautiful nature that surrounds you outside even while you are indoors, don’t miss out on this adorable new home décor addition: the “Franci – Eco Flower Cardboard Avana” (€19.00)! Especially convenient for those of you with summer allergies, this sweet replica of a flower box made and designed in Italy will keep the sneezes away and the smiles close when you see it in one of your rooms! Take advantage and save 8% by buying 2 for €17.50 each right now!

Add to your wardrobe and decorations some of the most colorful and stylish forms of boats, anchors, waves, colors, and flowers that are out there. The seaside is waiting for you to join the celebration of summer! For more exciting summer designs, check out the online catalog!


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