We've already talkad about acrylic and its versatility. Laser-cutting or laser-engraving on acrylic is really interesting to create design objects and unique jewelries. With the laser, you can realize even the most delicate geometries or photo-engravings on acrylic. This time we’re going to make an awesome acrylic lamp, which provides a marvelous light reflection.

Special piece of furniture, laser cut

What do we need?
Just 3 mm acrylic

How do we do it?
A ready to use template is available here, but you can also use your own graphic. Select your favorite color and start cutting the acrylic. Laser parameters may vary, as they depend on the machine used and the available laser power.

What laser is suitable?
We’ve used a Speedy300 (60w) with 726 x 423 mm work area and the following settings:
Blue: power: 100 %, speed 0.7 %, frequency 9000 Hz, Air Assist on
Red: power: 60 %, speed 1.0 %, frequency 9000 Hz, Air Assist on, z-offset 3 mm

To fit in the socket of the light bulb, emboss the edge with cutting lines. This is an alternative to engraving the area. Thanks to the defocussing, the laser beam is wider and the cutting lines overlap. That's how the "engraving effect" can be done with cutting lines.

Now you just need to assemble the lamp using our assembling instructions.

How to: Assembling instruction

How to: Assembling instruction

Your acrylic lamp is ready to glow!

Trotec Produktions-und Vertriebs GmbH (www.troteclaser.com) was born in 1997 in Austria as R&D department of Trodat, the worldwide leading producer of self-inking stamps. Today Trotec is one of the most important manufacturer of laser machines for engraving, marking and cutting. With over 300 employees in 14 branches all over the world, Trotec offers an international network of assistance and sale. Trotec Laser, a dynamic and innovative company close to the digital fabrication’s world, to makers and self-produced designers, has already collaborated with FabLabs all over the world and has been involved in important events like MakerFaire and Fab10.


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