Madesin Studio wins of DesignWinMake Metal Edition. Alessandro Giacomelli and Marco Redaelli of Madesin Studio are the winners of  DesignWinMake Metal Edition, the contest for product design promoted by MakeTank, the service LaserMio ( and the web magazine ( Their “Luma,” a candle holder in laser cut inox, won overtaking over 40 projects and winning the highest award.

Alessandro Giacomelli (1984) from Sondrio, and Marco Redaelli (1987) from Trezzo sull’Adda, studied industrial design at Politecnico di Milano. They love to define themselves as “unconventional ” designers and they have a lot of ideas in common. We met them in Florence for the award-ceremony of “Luma,” which has taken place of the opening event of the festival Florence Design Week. Here is what they told us. (in photo together to Stefania Zorzan of  LaserMio and Laura De Benedetto of  MakeTank).


Stefania Zorzan of Lasermio, Laura De Benedetto together with Alessandro Giacomelli and Marco Radaelli

What does winning DesignWinMake Metal Edition represent to you?

It’s a re-match and a new point of departure for us. In the past we’ve already participated and won different International and National contests but then for private reasons we have interrupted our path with MADESIN for over one year.

With the discovery of DWM contest, we have decided to try again and take on the design world. We think that these new formulas of manufacturing and online selling are the future and this has been one of the reasons that has pushed us to participate.


Luma by Madesin

How did the “Luma” project start and what are its key aspects?

By studying the demands of the contest and the activities of the promoters (MakeTank and Lasermio), we decided to design an object that was “simple.” Simple in production, comprehension and usability as well as staying at an easily marketable level of e-commerce. Sounds easy doesn’t it? (ironic laugh).

I will be concise and simplify the process from which “Luma” was born. It’s a candle holder made from a single sheet of stainless steel cut to size, bent and self-supporting. “Luma” is light and extremely versatile, easy to insert in any domestic environment. The poetic side of the project refers to the desire for “candlelight,” to stop for a bit, to calm down and to stay in its intimate soft light.

Based on your experience as designer, what is the potentiality of laser cut techniques?

It’s definitely a technique that allows you to have the maximum liberty of design (complex geometry). Moreover it’s extremely accurate when you have to cut things using the metal sheet with tiny thickness (up to 3/4 mm). Sometimes there are various possibilities to complete the cut operation requested and the final decision is always made by comparing the costs of the various single processes.


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