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Alberto Moretti (center), managing director at Trotec Laser

The official gadget of Source 2015, the international exhibition of self-produced design running in Florence from September 10 – 20, will be decided with a contest. LaserMaker ( is the new contest for product design emerging from the collaboration between MakeTank and Trotec Laser (, one of the most important producers of laser appliances for incision, cutting and circulation. With over 14 branches worldwide, Trotec is an innovative and dynamic company close to the worlds of makers and digital fabrication; it has already collaborated with Fablab various times all over the world.

To discover more about Trotec and understand why they have decided to put on a contest like LaserMaker, we have interviewed Alberto Moretti, managing director of Trotec Laser.

Why have you decided to build a branch in Italy?
Italy is the second largest market in the European area and one of the most important worldwide for a number of laser sources and industrial solutions based on the manufacturing and installation of industrial solutions. In this context, the excellence of laser products is very important. We deliver high-quality laser solutions equipped with new generation laser sources like CO2 and fiber to over 30 targeted clusters in the reference market, all the way from the craftsman to big industry.

In reference to the laser-cutting world, what are the main goals of the Trotec strategy?
We want to divulge laser-cutting technology starting at the craftsman’s level, making it easy to use and creating a profitable tool for the customer.

What defines binomial scouting/innovation to Trotec?
There are different interpretations. The technological scouting is essential for Trotec. Collecting and elaborating of information regarding the situation of the laser-cut technology and its appliance for a specific industrial interest is a vital interest in our world. The scouting of the market allows us to find startups we want to invest in by temporarily offering our systems to help the company profit, allowing them the purchase of the machinery. The scouting of human resources is important too. In fact, the key to our success is found in the constant search for human resources aware of the new communication realities of the market and of the technology offered in it.

Which objects of yours will be involved in the competition?
We expect gadgets that are cool from an aesthetic point of view as well as common objects that people can use to solve small everyday issues.

The deadline to participate to the contest is July 23rd 2015. For info:


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