Dayuma Roman Jauch was born in 1982; her crisp, clean lines and special talent for furniture design caught our attention at the 2014 Maker Faire in Rome.  She has also exhibited her work at the Fantacci Design’s Temporary Showroom in Prato.


Dayuma with Giulia Lancietti (MakeTank) in Fantacci Design

Dayuma Roman Jauch with Giulia Lancietti (MakeTank) in Fantacci Design


Where do you get the inspiration for your projects?

I like going to laboratories and carpenters’ shops.  And Fablabs for a more contemporary spin.  I see design as the result of hard work in a dusty factory.  I don’t know a lot about the history of design or its most famous exponents.  I’m inspired by the image of artisans in their laboratories, working in solitude but with flexibility.


Dayuma with Zigze

Dayuma with Zigze Wooden Stool


Which materials and techniques do you use?

I designed and produced my Zigze – Wooden Stool and T-14 Table in close collaboration with a superb carpenter who uses traditional techniques.  For the future, I see great possibilities in 3D printing.

What’s your relationship with wood?

Wood is home.  Even when a wooden object is an example of contemporary, minimal design, it provides a sense of warmth and domesticity.  I’m interested in designing and producing objects for the home and for families.

Which kind of wood do you use most and why?

That’s an issue that, unfortunately, depends on financial considerations.  For now, I use an inexpensive kind of wood that enhances the essential design of my objects for the home.  Even though everybody likes the best of the best – and that’s true for wood, too – at this point in my career I’m not interested in creating luxury items.  Producing your design requires finding a middle ground between top-quality materials that obviously cost a lot  and cheap materials that aren’t worth much. I want my objects to be beautiful, useful and durable over time.

Have your South American roots had an influence on your design?

My roots have an impact on everything I do!  Sometimes it’s a conscious effect and sometimes it isn’t.  When I think about a stool, I automatically imagine it in the home of a family in Ecuador. And I would love to work with some of the typical woods from Ecuador which are exceptional, like balsa wood.

Dayuma together with Marco Badiani (Flod), Anna D'Amico (MakeTank) in Fantacci Design

Dayuma together with Marco Badiani (Flod), Anna D'Amico (MakeTank) in Fantacci Design


Which object are you most proud of?

I have produced an extendible wood table and a collection of wood stools.  I like the Zigze stool most of all.  It’s beautiful and simple and easy to assemble and carry. It can be used in any home or office.  It’s also easy to produce – even, perhaps, on an assembly line. Despite its apparent simplicity, it is actually very complex:  a lot of issues were resolved when we were making the prototype.

What is more important for you in a piece of furniture? Aesthetics or functionality?

I am a very practical person.  Aesthetics are important but subordinate to functionality.  (and not vice-versa – unnecessary)  A designer, maker or artisan produces chairs and tables, not artistic installations. Beauty is in the object in and of itself, in its essence and its form.

Photo credits: Valentina Bucca


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