Creation Design is a creative duo from Puglia formed by Elena Angiuli and Giovanni Cannito. Elena has a degree in Graphic Art taken at the Accademia delle Belle Arti and she worked as Designer. Giovanni has a great knowledge of materials due to his career in the building sector and interior design.

Even if they came from two different professional fields, they define themselves as a “duo made by art” for their skill to put together art and craftsmanship making it as their peculiarity. All the products of Creation Design are inspired to daily needs connected to the use of smartphone and mobile devices to make their use comfy and creative.


Where do you get the inspiration for your products?
Our products come from a perfect mix of art, craftsmanship and the power of creation. Isn’t it the best way to realize functional and nice design products? We let ourselves be carried by our imagination where every materials is like a block ready to be graven.


Mini Office table organizer

Which materials and techniques do you use?
We are fascinated by the versatility of wood because it’s natural and pure as it’s in nature. We like it because it can be used with different materials such as aluminum, plexiglas or other plastic compositions. We want to experience innovative techniques using pantograph, laser-cutting and everything is in front of us. However we preserve with jealousy the ancient techniques and the ancient crafts because we think that only knowing the past we are prepared to experience the future.

Baroque, amplificatore in legno

Baroque wooden amplifier

Which object are you more proud of?
Baroque, because it shows a perfect balance between its soft shapes and the rigidity of its base. We like to play with different colors and the matching of refined materials, the result is an enjoyable and functional home décor item.

What message do your objects bring with them?
Turning your knowledge into an art to share. Conceptualizing ideas with the right shapes and dress them with functionality.


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