There are objects where the borders between craftsmanship, artistic creation and manufacturing become less definite. This happens for Disomologart Lab creations: they are unique pieces made for interior design, but their creative process is a form of art more than craftsmanship. Nonetheless, a lot of people wouldn't consider "art" their manufacturing techniques, or "artist" a creative with a blowtorch.


Umberto Antonelli is at this crossroad of craftsmanship, art and technical know-how. This comes from a formation he defines "self-taught and on the road", a mix of Accademia di Belle arti in Carrara, a factory job and many travels all over the world (from Mexico to Syria, from Kenya to Morocco and European countries). "In my travels - says Umberto - I gather information and materials to implement my artistic research. It tends to create works showing the dematerialzation of man and of the elements where he survives. Identity, culture, citizenship, environment, truth, art, myth, religion lose their meaning and become pale holograms waiting for a reconfiguration".

What are your products inspired by?
The objects I make come from suggestions I constantly stimulate visiting garbage dumps, junk dealers, factories, flea markets. These places are full of objects with a pulsating and dusty soul which just asks to be discovered and revisited. Sometimes these objects need to be recovered from the misfortune they falled into, to migrate and insert in something completely different from the function they were created for. Moving through different creative levels such as painting, graphics, sculpture, visual poetry - which I surely live with a more dramatic pathos - creating interior design objects shows an irony I hardly get with other media.

Le lampade Ragno e Smeralda

Ragno and Smeralda lamps

Which materials and techniques do you use?
My materials can be the most varied: wood, iron, aluminum, steel, plastic.. It depends on the features of the object my project starts from. Talking about techniques, they too are functional to the project: soldering, sanding, milling, different kinds of glue.

Hot resin finishing has a different story: it's a technique I can say I literally invented, it's an essential part of my painting and now I use it also to create interior design objects, especially lampshades. It involves pouring a melted resin on a surface previousy painted with felt pens and markers, loaded with pigments and oxides in an alcoholic solution. Once poured, the resin is spread on the painted surface using a blowtorch. The heat melts the resin and make the alcoholic solution evaporate, in this way its pigments change intensity and create a coat with acid and blurry colors.

Flos Parody e una lampada da tavolo

Flos Parody and a table lamp

Which specific objects makes you really proud?
I don't know. For sure I'm glad I made Flos Parody using metal scraps, beached cans and a pot. It's a tribute but also a parody of what the wonderful creation by Castiglioni brothers has become: a sort of "must" for trendy people.

Which message do your object suggest?
I can't say. Maybe that our planet is saturated.

Can you tell us something about your future projects, and how will you develop your ideas?
I 'm not able to plan in the long run. I believe that to go on creating is the best project I can work on. To go on creating and holding out.


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