Maker moms often go a step further and have an infectious smile. Just like Eva Zanzotti, who took a degree in Architecture, with an Erasmus residence at Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and started working for a leading luxury interior design company. Then, two kids (Giada and Pietro, 5 and 1 years old now) who became the starting point of a new creative challenge: Zanzotti Design, a brand Eva founded a few months ago for her first creations. A project focused on kids where steel, her favorite material, has the lead role and transforms itself in a little enchanted world.

Eva Zanzotti

Eva Zanzotti

Is it true that, as a kid, your favorite toys were the metal tubes and sheets you found in your father's workshop?
Yes, it's true, I played with metal tubes, sheets and chips. To put it better, with scraps left in big waste bins where rummaging was a lot of fun. Production scraps had infinite shapes, rolled and could be stacked: the perfect objects to create jigsaw puzzle with and satisfy a kid's creativity.

Freelance architect, full-time mom, now Maker: how can you manage all this?
Struggling, but it's a great joy and pleasure. Working time depends on the kids: I work in the morning when they are at school and then at night, after they have gone to bed.

La mensola Ippo

Hippo bookshelf

Zanzotti Design world is like a sea of colors and creativity: where do you take inspiration from?
My inspirations come from Giada and Pietro, from what they need. To make an example, when my daughter once made a lot of drawings and wanted to hang them all around the house, I asked myself: why not to create a wall-mounted "container" for drawings? That's how my Magnetic Puzzles were born. And the bookshelves, too: they come from Giada's desire to choose a book looking at its cover picture. It's the same for all the other objects.

Which techniques do you use?
Design is digital, with CAD softwares. Then I employ Italian companies with laser cutting machines to make each object. All my products are then folded or soldered, depending on their design, and varnished.

La lavagna magnetica Stella

Star magnetic board

A playful question: which magic power would you like to give Star magnetic board? And to Hippo bookshelf?
A nice question! I should ask my kids, but let's see if I can get by. I'd like Star board to spread light when kids cry and call mom in the night, while Hippo bookshelf could comfort them without waking up daddy and mommy.

Your next projects?
I have a lot. I'd like to make metal boxes for crayons or building blocks, in specific shapes to give them more functions. But I'm sure my kids, growing up, will suggest me something different!


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