In the MakeMore contest we organized with Veneta Cucine, our aim was to show how new design and production techniques can be mixed with wood, which probably is the most traditional material you can think of. MakeMore now has a winner - Planisfera lamp - which we believe gets exactly that point and is characterized by another element which is often important when we talk about "good design": simplicity. Planisfera and its creators - Costanza Giuffrida and Alberto Gruarin of Koal Design - will be officially "on stage" next Thursday, December 11th, at Veneta Cucine showroom in Milano. We asked them a few questions to know something more about where the winning project comes from.


What does this victory mean for you?
Planisfera is not our first project, of course, but it's the first created for a contest and therefore to be judged by experts and by the market. To come out winning makes us more confident and proud, because our work got the point and the essence of our message was appreciated by both the jury, that selected our project, and the public, that brought it to reality. It means also that our idea - an essential design with a touch of innovation and cost-consciousness - works and we're pleased that Planisfera becomes a part of people's lives.

What have you been inspired by for this project?
We love to create objects which hold a kind of wonder and, in this case, we ourselves fell in love with how laser cutting can transform wood structure, making it extremely flexible in contrast with how this material is perceived. We also wanted an object that could transform itself, becoming unique, getting its shape interacting with its user and thanks to metal foil.

The project's three distinctive elements are laser cutting, that allows for a very simple manufacturing process, functional handling and use, and an aesthetic innovative result; a bi- and tri-dimensionality effect, which highlights product's strong points in its different stages; a reinterpretation in modern tones of wicker's tradition, resulting in an object which is semantically familiar but also an expression of modern times.



What can you tell us about your future projects?
We want to develop customized products combining people's ideas and specific needs with design and technology worlds. Stimulating the market with new technologies, such as open source and 3D printing, and contributing to develop them with new ideas coming from our exchanges with future users, we aim to express that distinctive and personal trait which brings back an affective value to the relationship with an object.


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