If you want to test the new Spark 3D printing platform Autodesk is been working on since last June, here is your chance. Autodesk just launched the Ember Explorer Program, an initiative for Makers, researchers and developers who want to tinker with its Spark stereolitographic 3D printer and learn how to improve it before it becomes a commercial product proper.

Ember Explorer is not an open access program. Today you can request an Access Pass to be involved, but before starting the actual program Autodesk will select the most appropriate "explorers", to create a sort of wide international workgroup which is able to give useful inputs for Spark platform further development.


Selected explorers will be able to buy - for a price of $5,995 which does not include other expenses such as shipping and taxes - a test package with a preliminary version of Ember printer, materials for printing, a finishing kit and an exclusive access to collaterals like technical support and events. First packages should be available in early 2015.

Ember Explorer Program is available only in eleven countries (USA, Canada and nine European countries, Italy included) and early build Spark 3D printers can't be used in residential environments. At the moment Autodesk is looking for its explorers among "hardware, software, material and industry innovators" and not among generic Makers. More info at this link.


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