Today we talk with one of the most promising Florentine designers: Sabrina Fossi. Grown near the Duomo, in Florence, she managed to show her design style all over the world. Thanks also to the local craftsmanship experience, she was able to blend simplicity with elegance, but also with functionality. De-structuring and testing new dimensions, she could go back to the true essence of everyday objects, shaping it with her fresh creativity. Her brand recalls her own name: Sabrina Fossi Design.


Describe us your academic education and you experiences...
After a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design at the Calenzano campus of University of Florence, I took a Master's degree in Eco-Sustainable Product Design at Politecnico di Torino. Then I worked abroad as Graphic Designer for an important Maltese firm and after that, always in the same field, in Berlin.

What are your products inspired by?
For my products I take inspiration from everyday life. I love to observe small things, the shapes surrounding and forming our spaces. I strongly believe in details and shades which often come from my design inputs.

Which object does make you especially proud, and why?
Wall clock FreakishCLOCK is for sure the object that makes me really proud. It's the best expression of minimalist and functionality in an object of high design.

FreakishCLOCK in versione gialla

FreakishCLOCK in its yellow version

Which techniques and materials do you use, mostly?
I work a lot with wood, but I also like to test other materials such as ceramic, aluminum and laminil. All my creations are carved or finished by Florentine craftsmen, everything is completely Made in Italy.

How was your first approach to self-production and what made you keep moving in that direction?
My approach to self-production was purely fortuitous. All started when I published online my concept for ColoredSHAPE wall lamp: after that I received the first requests which drove me to make the actual product.


Two ColoredShape wall lamps: minimalism and functionality

What did it mean, for you, starting from a small town near Florence?
It was surely an advantage: the Florentine area hosts many local craftsmen who, thanks to their experience passed on from one generation to another, helped me in making (and testing) objects with high quality standards.

Time is the protagonist of many creations of yours. What's your relationship with it?
Time is the most important factor of our lives.

What about your future projects?
I just launched a new wall clock made in wood: Clock25, that you can already buy on MakeTank.


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