Three new filaments and four 3D models of objects for the table: these are the first results of an unexpected partnership MakerBot finalized with Martha Stewart, an icon for all home-decor and DIY enthusiasts in the United States (and not only there). This partnership aims at showing that desktop FDD 3D printers are ready to make high quality (and stylish) objects for any home.


MakerBot and Martha Stewart developed three new PLA filaments with the typical Martha Stewart bright pastel colors: Jadeite (light green), Robin's Egg (light blue) and Lemon Drop (light yellow). If you don't know what to make in yellow, blue or green, MakerBot and Martha Stewart designed four little objects for your next party.

You can choose from a coaster, a napkin ring, a little lamp holder (for LED lamps and not for real candles: you don't want melted PLA on the table) and a place card holder. Each model is on sale at $0.99 on MakerBot store for unlimited prints. Or you can buy a single print of the complete collection for $2.99.


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