Makers aren't afraid of challenges and those who joined our MakeMore contest proved it once again. We received more than 80 projects, conceived in the best Maker-style: mixing tradition with innovative manufacturing techniques. And with wood, this time: if there's one thing we learned with this contest, is that wood has a bright future. We hope the same for our five finalists, and you still have time to choose your winner: visit the contest website and reserve the object you like the most to help it get its budget before November, 15th 2104.



Planisfera - Suspension lamp (by KoAI design): a project born to mix wicker's traditional aesthetics with lasercut manufacturing technique. A flat structure, made by a wooden sheet and a thin metal foil, gets a third dimension thanks to gravity or for the functional and aesthetic choices its user makes.

KoAl design is a duo formed by Costanza Giuffrida and Alberto Gruarin, young designers with a degree in Industrial Design at Politecnico di Milano and a specialization in Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology. They love to create and make simple but recognizable products, focusing on innovation, functionality and user-object relationship. (Product page).



Joint - Birch table (by Andrea Casati): this project aims to create a table which is easy to assemble, without glue or mechanical hinges. It's made with multilayered birch panels and its supporting structure is manufactured with a CNC milling machine. Only in white finishing, with water inks.

Andrea Casati took a Design degree at Politecnico di Milano in 2001, worked in different design and graphic firms and then, in 2003, at Studio D’Urbino Lomazzi, where he improved his skills and competences in interior, furnishing complements and product design. In 2006 he founded Andrea Casati Design and began working with many important international and Italian companies. (Product page).



Appunto - Scratch pad wall clock (by Filippo Mambretti): this project puts into a single object two different functions: scratch pad and wall-mounted clock. The base and the clock face are made in wood and, with a simple cut, joined to a scratch pad with paper sheets.

Filippo Mambretti: as a student at Cantù art school he met Bruno Munari, who made the passion for design grow in him. Filippo took a degree in Furniture Design at Politecnico di Milano and began working with many firms. In 2010 he founded Mambrò Design Studio, based in Chiasso (Switzerland). (Product page).



Torē - Wooden tray (by cbdisegno): made in lasercut multilayered beechwood, Tore plays with wood flexibility to create a dynamic and at the same time practical shape. The lower sections of the tray sides dovetail together while the upper sections, bent outwards, create a "curve" you can use to hold the tray itself.

cbdisegno is the design laboratory of Claudia Bignoli, architect and interior designer from 1995 to 2010, when she entered the world of furniture and furnishing complements design. Claudia designs and makes her creations with the help of specialized craftsmen. (Product page).



MakeSpace - Space-saving container (by Mariano Spadaro): MakeSpace is a modular element, with a structure made in natural ash wood and a base covered with a colored and customizable film. It's designed to be stacked and assembled with dovetailed joints, reinterpreting shapes from the past with a contemporary touch.

Mariano Spadaro took a degree in Industrial Design at Politecnico di Bari. He worked with many firms based in Bari and Florence, taking inspiration from masters of architecture and design. After a Master's Degree in Exhibit & Public Design at Facoltà di Architettura in Rome, he moved to Frankfurt, where he began a new adventure of culture, art and innovation. (Product page).

Now you have just to reserve the object you prefer, so your own "sneak peek" copy is guaranteed, and cross your fingers. 


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