One of the best thing in e-commerce is that you can get some useful hints from what your potential customers do: which pages they visit, what they click on. We did it too, to discover the most clicked - i.e. visited, but not necessarily also bought - objects of the last month. This is what we discovered. Would you have chosen something different? Or did these objects get your interest, too? We'll see, in the next weeks, what climbs our click rankings. And what not.


Originality can meet function. It happens in Branzino, a wall shoe rack made in laser-cut poplar plywood. Your shoes will find their places on its bones: sneakers, flatties, men's shoes... it doesn't matter, they all will be ready for the next walk (148,00 euros).


What time is it? It's exactly what this wall clock is asking itself, answering at the same time. It's made in birch laser-cut plywood (but there is also an aluminum water-cut model), and it's an idea that turns a simple object - the wall clock - in an original wall decoration (59.00 euros).


Get back to the Fifties with Sorriso, a cardboard kids' toy motorcycle whose shape is inspired by the iconic Italian Vespa. A bit of design for grownups and a lot of fun for their kids, who can drive to their own Roman Holiday thanks to this expression of craftsmanship's new forms (170.00 euros).


Do you like robots? It's time to build your own. It won't be a giant mecha with impressive weapons, but you can give it an Arduino heart to interact with the environment and be controlled via Wi-Fi. All you need is some open hardware components and this book, where you'll find a bit of information technology, programming and electronics (30.00 euros - the book is in Italian).


Science is fun, isn't it? If you're not completely convinced, try this Van de Graaff generator and your ideas about studying electricity will change. It's a replica of the device invented by American physicist Robert J. Van de Graaff and it generates electrostatic energy simply by turning an handle. A bit pricey, yes, but it's not a toy: it's handmade, designed for classrooms and labs and it will last much more than those plastic (and ugly) versions (2,057.00 euros).


Nuvola necklace mixes analogic and digital, it's craftsmanship between past and future. Each necklace is made with handcrafted crochet and laser-cut plastic, combining three generations of creativity in a single (and unique) object. Available in different colors (40.00 euros instead of 60.00




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