Today's post is a guest post by Antonio Tiseo from Thingarage: they launched a new intriguing contest which we think should be described in detail by Thingarage itself. Read on and start your 3D software!

Maketank has become, since its birth, a hotbed of inspired creative minds and highly-skilled makers,  a well-established reality that can still give a lot  both to the "Made in Italy" and to the “Make in Italy”. For this reason I am here today , as spokesman of Thingarage, to propose you an ambitious production challenge : “PrintEat!” the first 3D modeling competition aimed at creating new shapes of pasta using 3D printing technologies.

The creative contest has been commissioned to Thingarage by a notorious international brand, leader in the field of food & beverages, and it is open to all modelers, 3D designers and architects who subscribe to the platform before the deadline of the contest set for October 20th, 2014.

Goal of "PrintEat" is to revolutionize the concept of pasta, at least in the appearance in which we used to know.


Designers or makers, like you, are invited to join a creative effort to subvert the traditional patterns of production (extrusion and mold) by producing morphologies that can be accomplished only through 3D printing. From customizable formats to pasta "emoticons", from reproductions of pop icons to one-piece solutions that will enable innovative forms of interactions with sauces: each proposal you send will be submitted to a team of experts who will assess the feasibility and originality of the product.

The basic requirement for all creations is the full-compliance with the technical specifications set out in the brief of the competition.

For modelers who will stand out of the crowd,  the brand allocated  three cash awards totaling € 2,400!

You can find all the informations you need on our blog or directly on our website.I hope you will accept our challenge and participate in our contest . We are constantly on the hunt for talented designers and makers like you: always have in mind that you could be our next winner!


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