Almost one year after its launch at Maker Faire Rome 2013, Stampomatica is still one of the most peculiar and successful projects we're following in Italy (and on MakeTank). In the last twelwe months it was praised by many international blogs and magazines (Domus, Designboom, La Stampa, Artribune, 3D printing industries, la Repubblica, Gizmodo, Frizzifrizzi, 3ders, Adafruit…) and most of all by Printing Things, the new 3D printing bible published by Gestalten in Berlin. Stampomatica got also a special mention in the DIY section of Core77Awards and took part in important exhibitions in Italy and abroad (Etsy Craft Camp in Milan, The Others Art Fair in Turin, Openday MUSE in Trento, Design Week at Design-Apart in New York, XYLab in Castrignano de’ Greci), so spreading the project's concept in a bigger and bigger number of enthusiasts.


Creating little devices to print postcards and business cards the "old style" (i.e. analogic) way is an idea born from the encounter of Lino’s Type (Stefano Schiavo, Nicola Zago, Laura Veronesi) with Tecnificio (Marcello Pirovano, Patrizia Bolzan).

As Marcello and Patrizia explain, it's the mix of "An analogic business coming from the passion for movable type printing, with original Heidelberg presses bought from an old 'endangered' printhouse in Verona, and a maker facility in Milano that knows how to mix design with Makers' tools and bets on digital and 3D printing".


Thanks to its roots Stampomatica blends together "Tecnificio's knowledge on laser and 3D printing with the artisan care for traditional typography of Lino's Type. In a Stampomatica kit you find materials ranging from wood- and resin-based composite to iron and brass for small metal parts, from printing paper to felt (there's a little felt sheet to better use the cliches), from PLA or ABS for 3D-printed cliches to transparent methacrylate for the plate you use to lay out the color".


Stampomatica design comes from "A mix of very different inspirations. We crossbred a rabbit and a toucan with the dynamics of a press for dirty laundry and of a potato masher. We wanted to synthetize these almost absurd suggestions into two functional, easy to assemble kits with simple, rounded and harmonious shapes".


What will we see in the project's next future? "Stampomatica was born as an open source project, so we'd like to create soon a contest for Fablabs, to launch Stampomatica as a teaching tool to spread letterpress printing basic concepts into the Makers' world. We'd like also to replicate 3D3: a contest with three Italian illustrators printing 'live', with Stampomaticas, cliches they themselves created. The first edition was held at Subalterno1 art gallery in Milan and a challenge with three drawing champions like Emiliano Ponzi, Pietro Corraini and Antonio Colomboni was a really unforgettable moment. Last thing, Maker Faire Rome 2014 is nearly upon us and could be the right time to celebrate one year of Stampomatica".



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