At least, Apple Watch and Android Wear are giving a new boost to one of the simplest forms of wearable technology: smart objects to wear around your wrist, designed with the formal logic of the digital watch and strictly connected to a smartphone because they are, in the end, just another input and output interface. Watch and phone are both "smart", but the real intelligence stays, for the most part, on the phone.


Following an approach where "smartness" isn't precisely balanced it's possible to create devices a lot thinner and lighter than a watch: Sunnyvale-based Mota had the same idea and launched on Indiegogo a crowdfunding campaign for its SmartRing. It is, as its name implies, a "smart ring" with less bells and whistles than a smart watch but also much more discrete and resistant, so more appropriate to use in situations where checking your phone or smart watch isn't possible.

Mota didn't give many technical details for the SmartRing. It's made in plastic and integrates a little monochromatic OLED display with one line of text, scrollable using a finger because the display is touch-sensitive. The ring is basically a notifications display: an app on the smartphone lets you configure which events (phone class, text messages, calendar alerts, notifications from social netorks like Facebook or Twitter) can be passed to the ring and visualized on its display. The ring and the phone are connected via Bluetooth 4 LE (Low Energy).


After the crowdfunding campaign Mota will order the molds to print Smart Ring's first test batches, which will be available at the beginning of 2015. Orders received through Indiegogo should be fulfilled in May 2015. Smart Ring prices are relatively low: from 60 to 75 dollars depending on the crowdfunding option you choose.


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