Maker Faire Rome is back: this year it will take place in the wonderful Auditorium Parco della Musica designed by Renzo Piano, which will host both the exhibitors and a dense program of light talks and workshops. We'll be there too, of course, with our booth (Montessori area, Zone F) and a light talk (Sunday 5th, 5.30pm, room WS14) to explain how you can sell and promote yourself online.

Uno scorcio della Garbatella

Garbatella district in Rome

Rome is actually becoming a Makers' capital, and it's proved by this report of a recent 'tour' of mine in coworking spaces, fablabs and makerspaces of the city. The trendy district today is Garbatella, also for its fascinating architecture: as Wikipedia says, it was a garden-city where factory workers could farm their own little plots of land, but it lost its 'green' trait when Fascism put concrete first. With its mood of a real 'old district', Garbatella attracted many directors who filmed there their works, from Nanni Moretti's "Caro diario" to "I Cesaroni" popular TV serial.



I get with Italo at Roma Ostiense railway station and, after 15 minutes' walking, I'm in CNA Roma offices for an important meeting about Digital Makers. Here I meet Stefano Varano of Roma Makers, who takes me to visit their district fablab. They moved there recently, so it's a work in progress with some examples of lasercut or 3D-printed objects made by themselves, 3D printers, little robots and the Fa)(a 3D printer designed by FabLab Contea with Giacomo Falaschi (whom I quickly meet, too).


Near the fablab there is one of the most interesting coworking spaces in Rome: Millepiani, where you can also find D'Arc Studio staff, finalists in our DesignWinMake 3D Edition contest with their Cambiami eyeglasses. I get into Millepiani during a meeting that shows some contests and opportunities offered by Rome municipality exactly to coworking spaces and fablabs, then I find Rosa Topputo concentrated on taking some photos of Cambiami, with other wonderful fashion accessories.


Just a coffee at the bar and then, together with Tommaso Spagnoli, I leave towards one of the most operative fablabs in Europe (my opinion). We start visiting SPQwoRk, a very big coworking space created from an abandoned pharma factory in Tiburtina district: not far from here opened FabLab SPQwoRk, where traditional craftsmen (tailors, decorators, etc.) will be 'contaminated' by Makers' tools and techniques (laser cutting, 3D printing, etc.).

So much experimentation with all the machinery fablabs and makerspaces can't do without, but also a lot of concreteness through projects for schools, prototyping activities and other third party projects to be economically sustainable. Some hints in this video, but if you are in Tiburtina go to the fablab and the doors of the Maker's world will be opened for you!

And if you simply want to know what to do and where to eat in Rome during Maker Faire, for the past edition we wrote this post.


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