All is ready for Source 2014, which will turn Florence into the center of self-produced design and will give visibility to 50 Italian and international creatives. From September, 11th the Limonaia of Villa Strozzi will host designers, creatives, architects and companies that will share their ideas and will form new partnerships, stimulated by seminars and workshops. But Florence of course doesn't end at Source: if you want to explore the city tasting what it offers to eat and drink, we have - as usual - a few ideas to suggest. We asked our co-founder Laura De Benedetto to share with us some places where real Florentines go.

Source will gather designers, Makers and people interested in Makers Movement: where can they get a glimpse of the new Florentine culture of Making? 

I'd start from the places MakeTank calls "home": they're both innovative and open to Italian and foreign guests. IED Firenze, the local branch of Istituto Europeo del Design (via Bufalini 6r, near Duomo), has been hosting us since the very beginning and it's the reference school in mixing craftsmanship with new technologies, handmade with innovation. There's also a new Master in E-commerce that I organized and I'm now coordinating.



Next Firenze Rifredi railway station there is our new in-progress office. It's inside Impact Hub Firenze (via Panciatichi 10-14 building F): 400 square meters of co-working spaces where you can turn an idea into a business project with a positive social impact. FabLab Firenze is also here, with its laser cutters, 3D printers, Arduino boards and all you need to go from an intuition to an innovative prototype.

Enough for technology: where can we test some local delicacies, still immersed in good taste and design?

Again, I'd start from the places where I feel at home. Gilda bistrot (piazza Ghiberti 40r) offers very good local dishes made with absolutely fresh and high quality ingredients. It's a little restaurant with no more than 30 seats, so don't forget to reserve your table in advance.

Fonte: Sito web Gilda Bistrot

Credit: Sito web Gilda Bistrot

Ditta Artigianale (via dei Neri, 32) is specialized in exclusive coffee blends that Francesco Sanapo finds all over the world and offers with different kinds of local cheese, cold cuts and vegetables. It's always a bit full, especially of young Americans slowly sipping a coffee to use Wi-Fi, but it has that international mood which makes you feel citizen of the world.

Where can we go to taste the really typical Florentine recipes?

Mercato Centrale, just above San Lorenzo food market, is a very big and wonderfully restored space gathering the best of Florentine food (there is also a fully-equipped kitchen for aspiring MasterChefs). Here you can find a bit of everything: fritto misto, soups, mozzarella, traditional pizza, piadina, focaccia and the famous lampredotto sandwich, the real Florentine street food!



Any secret place to suggest for a good cocktail, maybe on the Arno shores?

Near Villa Strozzi there is Giardino dell’Orticultura (Via Vittorio Emanuele 4) with its wonderful Tepidarium, the biggest glasshouse ever built in Italy and now fully restored. Inside you can have a drink or a tea, among exotic plants and hundreds of butterflies. An experience you can't miss!

If the weather is still good, I suggest Lungarno Serristori to have a drink at Easy Living: its little "chalet" offers simple and quick snacks and during the day you can also rent beach chairs to bask in the Florentine sun. If you want a real lunch or a more substantial dinner, then go to the main restaurant, on Piazza Poggi terrace, to taste special dishes made with local ingredients.


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